Word Millionaire Winners 2018 - 2019


orning reading is the term we give to the thirty minutes of taught reading which takes place at the

start of every school day. In these sessions every pupil and every teacher settles down to share a book together for half an hour.

It’s a great way to start the school day and to give primacy to the number one skill which will determine the success of our pupils in school and beyond: reading.

We track word count to encourage reading; rewards and recognition are given to pupils who have read lots. AGFS recognise pupils who reach ‘Word Millionaire’ status by taking them on a trip at the end of the year.

Congratulations go to the students pictured, who are our Word Millionaire Champions for 2018 - 2019 who on the 9th July, as a celebration of this achievement, we arranged for these students to visit Blackhealth Bookstore, where they were able to select a book of their choice as a reward:

Madeline B, Bryan Q, Kaida-Lilly L, Jasmine Holland, Max B, Rhiannon C, Lucy H, Zayan A and Valarie I.

As a special award for participation in the Carnegie Medal Award, the following students will join the students above on the trip; Vanessa I and Reminie S.


or the first time ever in AGFS’s history, 16 Year 11 scholars have had the

opportunity to receive Oxbridge mentoring. Allison Simon is currently Head of Fraud at Natwest and is a Cambridge graduate. The programme aims to inspire our scholars to apply to the top universities which include Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities. A Russell Group is ranked as one of the best universities in the country and carries out their own research.

Allison spent the first session sharing the journey she made to apply to Cambridge, work experiences she signed herself up for to give her more opportunities to develop her skills and what she has since done as a graduate. Our scholars shared their ambitions and Allison will be returning in February to review the progress our scholars have made in their Post-16 applications.

Allison commented, “The students were great – engaged in a wide range of thoughtful questions and participated in some good open discussion. They were extremely polite and respectful as ever with Ark Greenwich students”.

We would like to thank Allison for taking the time to come in to mentor our Year 11 scholars and wish Year 11 as they aspire to apply to the Post-16 providers and move onto the top universities in the country.

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