So besides the fact that you may find some of these activities a lot of FUN, why should one consider taking their workout out- doors in the Triad anyway? According to the NY Times blog: www., on 2/24/13, studies show a huge benefit of working out, outdoors. If you are running or cycling for instance, outdoors you may have wind resistance, you may also have small or sig- nificant flex changes in the feet due to terrain changes (even so called “flat” terrain.) Your stride will be different giving you a more strenuous workout. Psychological studies have proven that work- ing out outdoors shows participants are more engaged, enjoyed it more and scored higher in vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, self- esteem and enjoyed lower tension, less anger, depression and less fatigue. They were found to exercise longer (which burns more calories) and they exercised more often with greater commitment to sticking out a program. According to, working out out-

doors can save you money, offer opportunities for you to meet your neighbors or meet new friends and gives you opportunity for family time. It also mentally clears the mind, and there is a lot of science behind how being in nature increases creativity and well-being. A great book to reference is Your Brain on Nature

reason to not get outside and just go do it. In the last No Bound- aries session, on the final 5K race day, the weather was miserable and many of them got out there for the first race they've ever ran and did it. The feeling of knowing you can do it even in the worst conditions makes it that much easier to get outside and exercise and run all the time.” Thad McLaurin, owner of Runnerdudes Fitness also offers a

myriad of opportunities including boot camps and training for races and mentions that the training season for fall half and full marathons begins in July. One of their more popular programs includes Run the ‘Boro held May-June where they host 8 runs on Saturday mornings at different historically or geographically sig- nificant locations and while participants run/walk, they get a historical recounting of the area. He also mentioned that the Triad has a healthy outdoor following of obstacle races such as “Tough Mudder”, Spartan types of races. Perhaps in warmer weather

you may want to take your by

Eva M. Selhub and Alan C. Logan. Also, Blue Mind, The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols. What are some drawbacks to working out outdoors? Well,

you do need to think about safety. Many experts suggest pepper spray to deter unwanted encounters with dogs or rabid animals or unsavory people. Check your local trails and parks for safety reports, call your local law enforcement precinct and ask them the safest routes and trails. Consider taking a self-defense class, they are very helpful for learning how to react in a situation or prevent a situation. A good self-defense class in Greensboro is offered once or twice a year by Essential Martial Arts. Weather is a factor, so be aware of what heavy rains do to trails and avoid bike riding on wet trails to prevent unnecessary erosion and crashes. Know what poison ivy looks like (prolific in our area) and what “critters” may be active at certain times of year. A spe- cial concern in the last few years are ticks. Learn how to discour- age them from attaching onto your clothing/shoes, etc. Another possible disadvantage of working out outdoors is confusing a true workout with “activity.” So, say you go kayaking for three hours. Did you truly “work out” for three hours? Or did you work out all? Yes, it is certainly better and more beneficial than lying on the couch, but it is not a workout UNLESS the person purpose- fully pushes themselves perhaps timing their pace and distance etc. So, it is possible to do many outdoor “activities” but not get a workout. The difference will be when one decides to make it a true workout. We’ve talked about the benefits and the possible not-so-great

benefits of working out outdoors, what types of outdoor workouts are available this season in the Triad? This will not cover ALL that is offered but hopefully many activities that are offered. Running is a very popular outdoor workout here in the Triad.

We have so many opportunities for running either on pavement or on dirt trails. According to Kelly Parker, manager of local busi- ness Fleet Feet, “Whether someone is trying to run their first 5K and possibly lose some weight or run their tenth marathon. Each [of our] programs has its own distinction that makes it unique and successful. We help individuals get over that hurdle of finding a

November 2019 23

workout outdoors on the water. Andrea Perkins Dyer , owner of mindbodyfitness yoga states that “SUP yoga (Stand Up Paddle- board) is an excellent way to find balance, strength and flexibil- ity. Even the most simple poses in communion with your breath, the board and the water will bring you an organic peace. Its’ all about centering and being present!” Maybe you want to get even more “extreme” with your out-

doors workout and want to go rock climbing. Honestly, the Triad has it all, even “some of the best rock climbing in the East” ac- cording to the owner of Granite Arches Climbing Instruction, Swis Stockton. He points out that sometimes climbers avoid summer months but in the Triad, that is not necessary! We have the north face of Moore’s Wall that can be climbed in warmer months because it stays in the shade most of the day. He offers instruction

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