5 Most Powerful

Health Benefits of Ginger

of the most broadly therapeutic and famil- iar plant allies available to us to prevent and even reverse a wide range of ailments, with the science supporting its safety and efficacy one of the most robust. Ginger root (Zingiber officinale) is a


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ur modern world is a difficult place to maintain a healthful bal- ance. Ginger is, hands down, one

powerful medicinal herb that has been used for centuries to keep mankind in bal- ance. Rich in bioactive terpenes, ginger belongs to the same powerhouse plant family, Zingiberaceae, as turmeric and cardamom. Ginger became prized by herbalists around the world during the days of the early spice trade, when it was first exported from India and Southern Asia into Europe. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda consider ginger to be warming to the system, thus stimulating to the “digestive fire.” Traditional uses reflect this understanding of ginger’s powerful healing properties: it’s known for relieving nausea, aiding digestion, soothing cramps, and improving circulation. Ginger also possesses potent detoxifying properties, stimulating elimination via bowel release and perspiration. If the benefits of ginger stopped there,

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it would be a miracle plant food worthy of daily consumption. But modern science has not only validated ginger’s traditional uses, it has put ginger into an elite “super- food” category where the lines between food and medicine become blurred. Sure, ginger can keep your tummy happily hum- ming along. But did you know it may also help prevent you from falling prey to some

of the worst health conditions plaguing people today?

A Remedy for What Ails You With nearly 3,000 years of docu-

mented use and almost as many scientific abstracts on ginger’s effectiveness, it can be difficult to narrow down ginger’s five most powerful health benefits. One ap- proach is to cross-reference ginger’s heal- ing properties with the worst disease threats in our world today. The World Health Or- ganization, whose stated mission is to combat diseases around the world, pub- lishes annual statistics on the top ten causes of death, worldwide. In 2017, there are five diseases on the list for which ginger has been shown to provide significant benefit: Heart disease Stroke

Lung cancer Diabetes

Diarrheal diseases Let’s examine the most impactful sci-

entific research that has been conducted on ginger in recent years, to see how ginger can be applied therapeutically and proac- tively to ward-off and treat disease.

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