NATURAL TRIAD OUTDOORS Taking Your Workout Outdoors in the Triad

eventy five to one hundred years ago, the notion of “working out” or “work- ing out outdoors” might have been considered absurd. Many in our society back then “worked outdoors” every day of their lives, growing their food and crops for sale for a livelihood. They farmed out- doors baling hay, priming tobacco (espe- cially here in the Piedmont); they had huge gardens, livestock for meat, milk and eggs and all of this “activity” required a tremen- dous output of physical energy from sunup to sundown. So, no, it did not occur to them that they needed to “workout or workout outdoors.” If they rode a bicycle it was to get somewhere, not for physical activity.

S So, fast forward to our current society,

a society that good or bad, the reality is that we go from our air controlled homes, into our air controlled cars, DRIVE to an air controlled gym, to run 5 miles on a moving belt that goes nowhere and uses electricity powered by the local coal powered electric

plant and machinery that when it finally breaks down because we’ve run it to death, will rust forever in a crowded, overflowing landfill. What would our forefathers think of all this “progress”? They would think it ludicrous! Nonetheless, it is the society we currently live in and gyms do play a vital part of health and wellness in our society, not knocking gyms, please keep reading! (For a really interesting article on the his- tory of gyms, visit: com/09/the_rise_of_the_gym_through_his- tory.php)

On a happier note, let’s talk about

ways to take your workout back outdoors when possible. Taking our workouts out- doors is easy to imagine when it’s 70 de- grees with low humidity here in the South-

east. No doubt there are advantages to keeping your workout indoors in a gym such as temperature control, safe environment, scheduled group classes and of course great equipment like the weight machines, free weights, pool and sauna that we all enjoy. As American obesity statistics continue to rise, gyms hold an important place in our society for sure. But what about when the weather is fine and the urge to get outdoors is strong? There are a ton of ways to creatively take your workout outdoors in the Triad, here are just a few: • Running (on and off road) • Hiking

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• Biking (on and off road) • Stand Up Paddling • Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga • Swimming (Tri-Athlons) • Volleyball • Basketball • Baseball • Walking

• Rollerblading (does anyone do that here anymore? • Yoga outdoors • Rowing • Kayaking • Football • Frisbee • Rock climbing • Bouldering • Ice climbing • Martial Arts (Tai Chi) • Tennis • Fitness Scavenger Hunt • And MORE!

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