1. Lay out and nurture the best garden you can.

2. Look at the weeds, identify the big ones and take care of them.

3. Once you have laid out your garden and taken care of the big weeds, get on your knees and pray for rain.

So maybe one way of looking at this would be to frame this in the context of the discussion of this book:

• Laying out your best garden is taken to mean asking and answering your three questions, and acting on that informa- tion with a structured, sustainable plan of action.

• The weeds are those instances where more homework is needed. I stress that one cannot and should not address all the problematic areas. Rather, one should rely on the concept of leverage. This principle says that the ‘action’ of solving the significant 20% of one’s problematic areas actually im- pacts the state of ‘being’ of the remaining 80%.

• The rain of Love’s intention for us is central to the success of all gardening. It is called God’s Grace by many and in general, refers to our efforts to produce growth in alignment with Love’s intended direction for our continuing optimal blossoming.

to view the proverbial cup as half-full, instead of half-empty. This change of view on all levels moves us profoundly from the men- tal state of scarcity to plenty with the corresponding signaling of Fear to Love, being predominant. This is ultimately what I have come to understand by Stress Shifting©

. The balanced approach

to move from either mode of the ANS—Sympathetic (Active/Red Zone) or Parasympathetic (Passive/Green Zone) to a state of co- herence (Resilience/Orange Zone). Another visualization would be that of a traffic light. So why is such emphasis being placed on the journey from

fear to love. Quite simply because the root resolution of our pain lies in this journey and the balance in our biological milieu that is attainable by each and every one of us.

Driving Forward

Our best effort coupled with Love’s intention is an important principle here.

1. Good garden and no rain = no growth 2. Good rain and no garden = no growth

So it’s only a synergistic interaction between our work with our Biological Footprint (work in the garden) and Nature’s Tem- plate (Love’s intention and direction), that allows for RCR&B© to occur on all levels.

The Healing Perspective of Gratitude

So where is your focus? The way you determine your focus is critical to a balanced perspective of the whole. Given the constant stress that we respond to, the Adrenal Glands can become fatigued which indicates suboptimal func- tion.


The emotion of Gratitude grounds the Adrenals. We come

As we move onto the next chapter, we start to close the journey of the three questions that we have started in this book. Before we do that though, I want to bring another quality of the river which runs through your life to your attention. My hope for you as you consider these questions and their answers is that you rekindle what drives you forward, your enthusiasm (joyful con- nection with Love’s Intention). Consider the quote from Huie that a river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. As we come to the next chapter, you will find a story that is pregnant with meaning, and full of possibility as you take the next step toward understanding my perspective on balancing your health.

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