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Yoga for Sports Performance

Way back when, yoga was referred to as “warrior training”, designed to prepare the body and help “overcome fear in the face of danger”! Athletes, and those who take part in endurance sports, are really modern day “warriors” but can yoga still provide relevant training?

Finding the right class Tere are a ton of different yoga styles out there so athletes must ensure they find a yoga class that has the athletic body in mind; e.g. runners do not normally need to put their leg behind their head so look for a teacher who understands your sport!

Autumn Yoga & Events

Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners Next Course Starts Tuesday 29th October@ 7.30pm Aimed at those new to yoga or anyone keen to develop, this 4-week course offers a safe introduction to yoga and provides a solid foundation for anyone seeking to improve their range of movement, core strength and stability.

Yoga For Sport – Body Aligned Tursdays @ 6pm Body conditioning, cross training and maintenance rolled into one. A MUST for all serious sports men and women!

Ashtanga Fusion Tursdays @ 7.30pm If you love the discipline and strength of Ashtanga but crave more freedom then this class is for you; still powerful but with more varied and intricate sequences to challenge you.

Candlelit Ebb & Flow Tuesday 17th December @ 6pm Expect wave aſter wave of blissful circular flows offering seamless movement meditation and echoing the ever turning wheel of life, as well as the cycling of our own mental and physical energies. Candle light creates a calming environment – a welcome haven of peace away from seasonal stresses!

November Introductory Offer Join me for unlimited practice through November for just £25 (Ts & Cs apply)

A class that offers functional movement - combining the principles of yoga with body conditioning – will be a good option for those needing to rebalance their body. Tis kind of class will include poses to strengthen under-worked muscles, especially core muscles, and offer targeted stretches for problem areas such as calves, hamstrings and quads. Many sports can trigger lower back niggles so it’s also important to find a class that includes plenty of spinal mobility, but which avoids poses that can aggravate lower back pain.

Range of benefits A yoga class tailored to meet athletic needs can significantly reduce recovery time, aſter hard training sessions, and decrease muscle stiffness. Other key benefits include:

- Improved alignment/posture - Stronger core muscles - Increased range of movement - Reduced risk of injury - Better balance & proprioception - Development of mental stamina - Greater self-awareness & confidence

Conclusions Te only way to find out if yoga can improve your sports performance is to see for yourself. Book a place at Yoga for Sport - Body Aligned and you’ll get your first class for half price.

07712 531365 • Classes are held at: Eaglesfield Village Hall (CA13 0RN) WWW.COCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

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