Nikita, your first single, Satin, has been released. How does that feel? It feels very new and exposing, but also amazing!

It's a song that can best be described as liquid velvet, a strong song to start your career, does it reflect the type of artist you want to be? Thank you! And yes definitely. I wrote this song years ago when I didn’t have any ideas in my head of what was trending or ‘cool’, I just made it for the love of making it. I enjoyed having a small input in the production; the producer of Satin, Cores, has hugely built on the production of the song since then. Writing it all those years ago it was the first time I switched from focusing on piano and electronic instruments, to experimenting more with world percussion, sound effects etc. That’s definitely the vibe I want to stick to, it’s so open, there’s still so much to explore there. I’m Punjabi- Indian and English and like how the music touches on that.

Who are your musical influences? As a kid I think you’re naturally surrounded and influenced by your family’s music taste; mine was a mix of my dad’s George Michael CDs in the car, my mom’s 90s dance music videos around the house and my grandparents’ extensive collection, from Ravi Shankar to Queen and Julie London. Nowadays, I still like to change it up a lot, but I love London Grammar, Seinabo Sey, Billie Eilish... I’m a huge Nelly Furtado fan.

Getting that first deal is always a big thing for an artist, how did you celebrate? Ooh well this is awkward... I’m joking, but Satin was an independent release. I didn’t realise when I was younger that there are a ton of levels between singing for free at your local pub (definitely not a bad thing) and selling out Wembley! I used to be in a management/label situation and I’m much happier now. It’s a learning curve. If the right opportunity came along, amazing.

Independent releases seem the way to go – artists 'born' this way have great success? Yes, I like the freedom it gives you. You feel you can take more chances, which can only be a good thing.

You've already made BBC playlists. Does it all feel a bit surreal? Yes! I can’t believe I’ve been on the radio five times in five days. I mean, I’m just so happy people like the song, whether that person is my friend or someone at the BBC. It’s been on Janice Long’s BBC Wales show, BBC Introducing with Brody Swain and Severn FM. I've also been on Eat This Music (an Australian show) and Hoxton Radio! I've also been the emerging artist on BBC Asian Network and I’m so thankful to them for giving Satin such early support. It’s felt like it’s been my extended birthday since the song came out, finding a handful of messages of praise and support every day!

You come from a very successful family, but you're determined to make your own way and own name, that's important to you isn't it? Yeah! My grandma Sheila is an actress, director, general legend and the biggest, zaniest character I know. She’s English, but has been in Indian films speaking fluent Hindi, which she taught


herself later in life. She’s been a huge influence in my life and we’re the only two creative types in the family really. Or so I thought until my dad Paul (Paul Bassi), who I’ve always been close with, but assumed us polar opposites, decided to drop a book this year! I consider all my family successful in their own ways and chosen fields and of course I want to achieve the same in mine, but we can always celebrate our team’s wins too. [laughing]

Every girl and woman enjoys dressing up, fashion, make-up, it also goes hand-in-hand with being an artist and especially the promotional side of the industry, how have you found that? Honestly, I’m one of those people that’s borderline scruffy day-to- day and dresses up once in a while… No! Yes! [laughing] So I hope dressing up doesn’t come hand-in-hand with being an artist! I tend to maximise on writing a song or sleeping rather than prioritising day-to-day getting-ready time. That being said, the first couple of photo shoots I’ve done, I’ve felt like a complete princess having my hair and make-up done! I do admittedly play with my hair colour a lot. It’s bright blonde at the moment, which I think shocked my boyfriend a bit! He met me when I had black hair. Hopefully that wasn’t his type on paper? [laughing]

Last question, how does it feel to hear your song played? FAB-U-LOUS!



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