Photo: Warwick Baker


Liverpudlian indie-rock four-piece The Night Café are due to release their anticipated debut album in late August, following it with a UK autumn tour. Since 2015 The Night Café have released 2 EPs and a string of singles, not to mention touring alongside those of a similar vein, Sundara Karma, The Hunna and The Magic Gang. So in advance of all of this we decided to have a chat with them ahead of their headline Waterfront show on 25th September.

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a fantastic day! If you could describe your sound in three words, what would they be? Powerful, anthemic and Heavy haha, our sound is the best. How did you meet? Me (Carl), Josh and Sean all met in school, we’d always be in the music building jamming together, then Josh met Arran through skateboarding and introduced us to him. The rest is history. Who were some of the bands you listened to when you were growing up? Title Fight, Lower Than Atlantis, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, You Me At Six and many more haha, we always used to try jam all there tunes. You guys have worked on quite a few EPs in the past

few years, what made you decide to go for the full LP this year? We’ve only ever released singles, so we’ve always wanted to release a full album. Think we just decided that’s what we needed to do next. It’s exciting that we’ll have a full piece of music out. The record is out in just under a month now, how long did it take to work on? Are you happy with it? We’re very happy with it yeah, it was our first time doing an album, so the whole process was new to us. It probably took a little longer than we expected but we’ve definitely learnt how to handle it so everything is easier for the next record. Got any plans for the future you can let us know about? We’ve got a tour coming up in Sept/Oct which is our biggest tour to date, then a week or


so aſter the tour finishes we’ll be venturing to new ground! Can’t give away too much... What do you like to do aſter a show? We like to chill out aſter a show, unless it’s a hometown show or a big one on the tour. In that case we go hard on the ale! Where did your name come from, it seems quite unique? We had to change our original name ‘Canvas’ for copyright reasons, so we were all putting ideas for a new name together and we ended up with ones like ‘The Blue Velvet Café’ and ‘Blue Velvet’. We’re all probably glad we didn’t end up with one of them haha. We eventually landed on ‘The Night Café’ which is a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. What new artists (or old artists you’ve recently

discovered) have you been listening to lately? Been listening to a lot of AJ Tracey, he’s a sick fella. Daniel Caesar is another one, he’s just released a new album and it’s great! Always got time for Crosby, Stills & Nash too. Would you agree that British indie music is thriving? We’d all disagree to be honest. We feel indie music has thrived in the past but not as much in today’s scene. We think the country needs something new, and hopefully our album can make that happen. Thanks for chatting to us, hope to see you in September, and I hope the autumn tour goes great!

Words Callum Gray

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