Ahead of their performance at Wild Paths festival this coming October (18th-20th), we decided to catch up with pensive indie band Gengahr! Their second album, Where Wildness Grows, came out last year, and it’s great.

Hi, boys! How are you doing today? Not too bad at all! Can you give me a rundown of what you’ve been up to over the last year or so, since releasing your second album ‘Where Wildness Grows’ in 2018? This last year we’ve been spending most of our time locked up in a studio or rehearsal room, busy at work on our new record. I think the thing that stood out to me with your two albums is the stylistic difference between the two--what was the catalyst behind this? The second album has a bit of a darker tone perhaps. It’s a more intense experience, working on your second album than your first. I think the first record was more playful, so with the latest album we’ve tried to find a nice balance between the

two. I know everyone always talks about your artwork, but it’s so gorgeous. Can you tell me the story behind some of your album and single covers? Thanks so much! I (Hugh) have been doing all the covers so far. It’s a joy to be able to speak with Felix about lyrical themes behind the music and paint images that I feel suit the songs. Glad you’ve been enjoying them. What can I expect from your live show? In the live show we try to exaggerate the dynamics of our songs, loud bits louder and quiet bits quieter. We might even chuck in a few new ones in the set. You’ve been together as a band for a while--what’s the story behind Gengahr, for those reading the magazine who may not have heard of you?


Me, Felix and Danny meet in school and have been in bands since then. We meet John a few years ago in our local Weatherspoons! Who’s the most annoying band member and why? Definitely me, I’m extremely clumsy and forgetful! For me it’s the long wait in between finishing a piece of music and actually getting it out there. It can take a while, but normally all for good reason, getting the right team working on it etc. Any outrageous stories from your 6 years as a band? Danny our drummer broke its collar bone on the second night of our first ever tour. He then had to play the whole tour with one arm. Pretty silly looking back on it! You all met at school--how has that relationship shaped your direction as a band? It’s been great I think, we all

know each other inside out so hardly ever argue. Which is a massive bonus, given the pressures of making music together. Who have you worked with in the past and who would you love to work with on future songs? We have just finished working with Jack Steadman on our new record. It was an absolute dream and he was a pleasure to work with. Next up, I don’t know... maybe Missy Elliott!? And lastly, what is your next year looking like? Very exciting I think, got a tour with Bombay Bicycle Club in a few months and then our new album will be our at the beginning of next year. So we will be touring it a lot and hitting up the summer festivals!

Words Erin Bashford

Photo: Maclay Heriot

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