Contrapuntal passages of polyphony accompany the rich colourful linear melody’s. Augmented rhythmic ostinatos add tension which climax into what some people refer to as the ‘drop’ where joy is admitted to the listener (with any luck). You played at Glastonbury last month--how was that? Was it your first time there? It was UNREAL. We’ve been going for years and so to play there was such an honour. And to a packed ‘Pussy Parlour’ tent made it all the more special! What about other festivals coming up? (Other than Wild Paths, we know about that one…) Just a few more in Germany leſt now, Appletree Garden and Skandalos. Then Pukkelpop in Belgium which we’ve heard great things about. Can’t wait for Wild Paths too! A great friend of ours called Sharky (who sings on Lunar) is also playing that weekend so be sure to check her out! You’ve said that your new single ‘Dream In Colour’ is a mix between electronic sounds and traditional instrument sounds because that is how we live our lives now--halfway between digital and IRL--which is really interesting, can you tell us more about how this came about? The tune started with laying down a big juicy groove, then we came up with the lyric. As we delved deeper into the lyric we noticed the parallels between how we produce our music, with a hybrid of electronic synths and more organic sounds from the guitars/organs/hot sauce percussion, and the way we live our lives today. The oſten uncomfortable relationship between our natural environment and machines that so oſten dictate our day to day lives. And you’ve got to explain that band name--he’s a Welsh boxer, am I right? Yes, Ned’s always fantasised about


pummelling Jon to the ground in a boxing competition so we decided to name the project aſter his favourite boxer. No seriously, it’s our surnames put together. Ned Franc & Jon Moody. Genius. Can you tell us a bit about your story as a band so far? Both of us came from a blues, funk and soul “live band” music background and formed as a partnership aſter running warehouse parties from a space in Tottenham. Franc Moody was born out of that scene but started off as a writing duo, never really intending to take it into a live format. But once we started it was pretty evident that the music was best served in front of an audience and played live. So we enlisted the best players we could find who also happened to be great mates of ours and Franc Moody as it is today was created. I’ve got to say, your graphics and posters are really on point--who designs those? Thanks! They’re all the work of the amazing Kate Stephenson @studiokato What are your live shows like? Our live shows are something we take great care over. Having all come from a live music background it really matters that we bring the necessary excitement and energy and that we’re not doing the same thing every time. Its gotta feel fresh for us all to connect with it on stage.


The show is definitely raw, funky and if we haven’t got you dancing by the end we’ve not delivered! Any other up and coming acts you’re loving at the moment? Our girl Amber Simone (one part of Franc Moody) has her own solo project which is incredible. Expect big things of her down the line! Other than Ambs check out Pip Millet. We wrote “In Too Deep” with her and she had a brief stint with us on the road. She’s just dropped an EP that is really quite special. What would your music look like if it were a film or a painting? If it were a film it’d be a kind of Sergio Leone directed Sci Fi with an Ennio Moriconi/George Clinton soundtrack. Possibly starring Judy Dench and The Rock. If it were a painting it’d be a scratch and sniff version of a Jackson Pollock. Is there anything about the band that would surprise me? Luke is allergic to Chickpeas and The Hoff (our soundman) was a lifeguard for 5 years. And lastly, you released an 8-track EP last year--any plans for a longer follow up? We’re currently putting the finishing touches to our first full length album which should be out early next year! Watch this space!

Words Erin Bashford

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