Oxfam’s annual Oxjam Festival returns to Norwich in October, and it’s looking to be a fun one! We sat down with this year’s festival manager, Eleanor Martin, and had a chat about what we can expect from the charity’s arty side.

Hi Eleanor, how are you? Hi Erin, I'm alright thanks - adjusting to grad life, it’s a bit of a weird and wild one!


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So you’re the festival manager for Oxjam this year, what have you got in store for us? The vision I had for this year’s Oxjam was to be empowering to all members of society and really push the importance of supporting local Norwich talent and venues. I wanted to raise awareness and support not only Oxfam but artists in the minority and make sure that all our events are as sustainable and zero waste friendly as possible. Spread the peace and love through music--and it’s space themed!

Can you tell us what events you have planned in the run up to the festival? Loads! By the time this goes to print, we have had a charity quiz and then aſter we hope to have a “women of Oxjam” gig night as that was a hit last year. There are loads of things in the works right now but I don’t want to spoil anything in case it doesn’t happen.

Introduce your team to us! 16 / AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2019 / OUTLINEONLINE.CO.UK

I have a full girl power team with me and the energy you get from that is incredible! Cara WT is my fundraising coordinator and she is the brains behind our fundraising events and deals with getting sponsors.

Judith Rodriguez is my marketing coordinator and she makes sure that everyone and their pet goldfish knows about Oxjam, our events, what’s happening, where to be and keeps us looking snazzy.

Sophie Prosolek is my production coordinator so she goes out and books venues and artists and keeps an eye on contracts.

Is there anything you can tell us about acts performing? I can tell you that some will be local and from Norwich. We are trying to make it as exciting and diverse a line up as possible!

Similarly, can you tell us about the venues for this year? We have our flagship venue which is the Oxfam shop (on

Magdalen Street) and then a mix of pubs and bars - I don’t want to give anything away but there are some favourites in there! They also fit the space theme!

Tell me a little bit about the ethos of Oxjam—why is this a special event? Oxjam is special because it’s a charity event for Oxfam - it’s music fighting poverty. This is a grassroots event and we have only just graduated uni/still studying so we are learning on the job and are more risky with our ideas.

What sets norwich apart from other cities that may be hosting an Oxjam? Compared to other cities Norwich Oxjam is still new. Norwich is known for having a massively rich music scene and a large musical community who are involved for the right reasons.

Lastly, when is it? 5th or 6th Oct is the Oxjam festival day and the Women Of Oxjam is before then but date tbc!

Words Erin Bashford

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