8/ JULY 2019 THE RIDER MY SPIN: The Devil Is In The Details

phrase “the devil is in the details” is: The slang term “the devil is in the de-

tails” has a number of different senses. All of the meanings for the term boil down to the fact that it is often the small details of something which make it difficult or chal- lenging. These details can prolong a task, or foil an otherwise straightforward dealing. Like many proverbs which involve the devil, it is meant to sound a note of caution. It may also be used to excuse or explain the obfuscation of an otherwise very simple project or task.

In the first photo, the rider is

setting his horse up for the spin and he’s shortening his right rein a little to cue his horse for the right spin bet- ter. He doesn’t want to leave any- thing to chance. What I don’t have is the rider readjusting the reins at the completion of the spin maneuver. In this next photo, the same

rider is setting the same horse up to take a right lead departure for a set of right circles. The gift here is to be able to slide the reins between your hands.

Here we have a different rider,

By Susan Dahl. I remember Thomas Barrow, the

under butler in the famous Downton Abbey series talks to Miss O’Brien about hiding their miss deeds and Mr. Barrow saying to O’Brien: “The devil is in the de- tails”. They were trying to get away with it. It didn’t work, of course. According to, the

(I know, same color shirt, same color horse. Trust me. It’s a different rider.) His hands (and other cues) are setting this horse up for a right lead depar- ture. It’s these cues and those fine de- tails that perhaps lead to greatness! I believe it’s those little details

on the positive side, that really make a difference to our success.

Putting My Spin on the details. Reinersue @KISS Reiners

About Susan Dahl Susan Dahl, ORHA/NRHA past multiple champion, writer, blogger, author and clinician, retired certi- fied professional horse trainer. Owner of Foundation Reining Training Centre in Durham, ON. She specializes in effective horse- manship, and reining. For more in- formation on her services: judging, clinics or resale horses, please con- tact her on facebook, her website: or

15th Annual International Society for Equitation Science Conference

The small details of something which

make it difficult or challenging. What I want to point out today are the opposite. The de- tails that make all the difference in the world! I’m watching the NRHA Derby while

writing this article. It’s raining outside and I always enjoy watching the reining greats. What I noticed was the little details that they did to setup their horse to make sure the ma- neuver was performed correctly and with a degree of difficulty. I took a few photos to illustrate. I’d like to draw your attention to the hands of the riders in these photos to un- derstand what I’m talking about.


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June 24, 2019 (Guelph, ON): The ISES 15th Equitation Science Confer- ence is being held on the University of Guelph campus. Guelph is situated in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, ap- proximately 90 km (58 miles) from Toronto’s Pearson International Air- port.

When planning your travel to the

ISES2019, don’t forget that Guelph is central to many world class Canadian tourist destinations. Within a one and a half hour drive of Guelph you can: Witness the awesome power and

beauty of Niagara Falls, with sights and activities for people of all ages and budgets https://www.niagarafalls- Take in a Shakespearian play or

a musical performed by North Amer- ica’s largest classical repertory theatre company at the Stratford Festival Cheer for the Blue Jays Baseball

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P.O. Box 378, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0 (905) 387-1900 • email:

Team, go to the top of the iconic CN Tower or visit Ripley’s Aquarium in downtown Toronto www.ontario- area/toronto • Take a wine tour, sip award winning Ice Wines and enjoy fresh and local gastronomic delights in the Niagara Region’s beautiful wine country aste/wineries/ • Other family-friendly activities close by include: • Visit the donkeys up in the paddocks, make a friend in the barnyard, and check out our very playful mules at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada • Get closer than you ever imagined to over 1000 exotic birds and animals at the African Lion Safari www.lionsa- • Explore, learn and collaborate on sci-

ence, technology and innovation to shape a better future for society and our planet at the Ontario Science Cen- tre • Visit Canada’s largest and most com- prehensive museum showcasing art, culture and nature from around the world and across the ages at the Royal Ontario Museum • Experience the zoo-based conserva- tion centre of excellence to over 5000 animals at

the Toronto Zoo • Scream your face off on the most ex- hilarating rides and coasters in North American or cool down in the 20-acre water park at Canada’s Wonderland - • Participate in outdoor activities, see a movie at Cinesphere, hit the Trillium Park & William G. Davis Trail, take in some live music, or enjoy a festival at Ontario Place For even more ideas, consult the

“Destination Canada – Tourism Ideas” link under the venue and tourism tab on the conference website. All infor- mation regarding the conference, in- cluding

links to

improve the horse-rider relationship.

For more information contact: ISES Honorary President Janne Winther-Christensen

Local Conference Organizer: Katrina Merkies, PhD Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph (519) 824-4120 x54707

Registration and abstract submis-

sion now open for the 2019 ISES con- ference being held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada from August 19-21. The theme of “Bringing science to the sta- ble” will explore our relationship with horses through the past, present and future. Check the website for confer- ence updates and links to the registra- tion and abstract submission pages ences/

or conference

registration, programme, accommoda- tion and travel can be found on the Horse Portal website https://thehorse- and the Equi- tation

Science website ences/. Check out our blog for regular updates on local information and sneak peaks of what’s in store

About the International Society for Equitation Science The International Society for Eq-

uitation Science (ISES) is a not-for- profit organisation that aims to facilitate research into the training of horses to enhance horse welfare and

Katrina Merkies, PhD

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