36/ JULY 2019 THE RIDER Lansdowne Horse Festival: An Equine Extravaganza

LANSDOWNE Ontario - Lansdowne Horse Fes- tival: An Equine Extravaganza is returning on Sat- urday September 7, 2019 Lansdowne Association for Revitalization

would like to introduce you to some of the eques- trians that you will meet and be inspired by. Today the Arabian horse is prized for its beauty, love of people, athleticism and versatility.

No other breed possesses the ability to perform in as many equine sports as does the Arabian. Bob Coleman, from Cayuse Creek Ranch, is returning to the festival and will be bringing several of his Arabian horses to display and for everyone to meet.

“Looking forward to a day of fun and learn- ing spent with Charleston Lake Pony Club friends

and horses. Come out to watch and learn more bout Prince Philip Gaming. What more could you ask for?”

This one-day festival

will take place on the Lans- downe Fairgrounds 1186 Prince Street, Lansdowne, Ontario on Saturday Sep- tember 7, 2019 from 9-5. Contact 613-659-4708 email: for


more information or follow us on LansdowneAssociationFor- Revitalization


Top: Bob Coleman and one of his Arabians

Bottom: Pony Club mem- ber performing in Prince Philip Gaming

The Fire Horse

By Lauren Bode All content copyrighted

My mission statement. Having developed and practiced my talent

for years, I speak for animals. I willingly provide a voice for the non-

human creatures of our world, in the hope that I may assist them to obtain greater health, better un- derstanding of their expected roles, and better rela- tionships with their human partners. Through my classes and daily contacts, I en-

courage others to develop closer bonds, apprecia- tion and mutual trust with animals, and a respect for all life in this world.

1-877-TRYAVIA (519) 264-2354

RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0 Your horse has given you a lifetime of love and it is hard to walk away when the time has come to say goodbye

Honouring the life of your horse.


Let the staff at Ontario Equine Cremation Services provide you with individual equine cremation.


Servicing all of Ontario Government Licensed

Craig Hunter and Family and Staff

1.888.668.2989 519.268.2989

Chapter 12 Speaking on the phone one day with the

owner of a very beautiful bay, I had his photograph on my telephone, his owner had sent it to me 5 min- utes before our conversation. He had a lot of ques- tions regarding the farm where he lived. He had been at this barn for quite a while and knew of the comings and goings of all the horses and humans. He said to ask his owner what happened to the preg- nant mare who lived beside him during the winter months, if she had her baby. The mare had been sent to another farm to have her foal. I assured him that she had had her baby and all was well. He needed to know that. Another horse whom I speak with at least

once a year, told me that the barn had been sold silently and I should tell his owner. I did, she was not happy at all, she said the horse could not have said something like that. Anyhow, the barn has been sold.

I had a run in once with a horse at a barn, he

was angry and would not speak with me despite the fact that I reassured him nothing would happen to him if he spoke to me of his aches and pains. He was scared as he was a rescue, had ended up at an auction and did not want to go back there. So even though he was in pain, he was afraid to tell me. After listening to me speaking with the other horses, he decided as I was headed towards my car, to call out to me. I walked over to him and to my surprise he

told me he was once worth quite a lot of money and raced all over, he had had an unfortunate spill with his jockey and since then he could not move the way he did before and had difficulty breathing. I asked him if I had permission to speak with his owner, he gave me permission and his owner has since gotten him a breathing mask. Most times horses pick up our feelings, if we

are unsure of a riding situation, then the horse will pick up that feeling and run with it. For example if an individual is on a horse and is not ok with the horse, the horse will pick up the fear and not know what to do with it. A calming voice and a soft touch goes a long way.


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