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monthly equine wellness networking event Angela

Equi-Bow Canada Inc. kicks off Saieva,

“It’s all about the welfare of

CEBP/CETP/CEMT Equi-Bow Canada held its

inaugural equine networking event called Wild About Equine Wellness on Thursday, June 19. The evening, hosted monthly by Cedar Lane Farm near Freelton, was an opportunity for equestrians and industry professionals alike to connect with one another with a focus on sharing information within the equine industry related to various aspects of equine well- ness.

Equi-Bow Canada provides

an experiential educational envi- ronment with a focus on continu- ing development of resources for the wellness and welfare of the horse. The organization offers a results-oriented bodywork train- ing program to people who want to know how to improve a horse’s behaviour, posture, performance, and overall health. Co-founders Cheryl Gibson and Simone Ussel- man-Tod are excited to offer an- other forum for conversation, community and collaboration out- side the classroom. The aim of the Wild About

Equine Wellness networking group is to engage, inspire, and support one another in an open- minded community.

From Our Founder

Remembering JUL

Y 1985 It looks like Summer has ar-

rived. After all this rain farmers fields are all mud. Spring planting is on hold and hay is going crazy.

The Fonthill Lions club an-

nounced their first horse show with the annual Summer Carnival on July 5-7. The show was held at the Lions Fair Grounds.

The Burlington International

Horse Show bounced right back from the news that the service club was withdrawing the show due to

the horse. This event is for people who are interested in learning and collaboration,” said Usselman- Tod. “Our hope is to foster open- mindedness and provide an opportunity for trust and growth, to share our challenges and re- sources with one another in a way that honours other’’s experiences and to create richness and unity in the equine community.” In addition to being a net-

working event, each evening will include presentations from two professionals within the equine community who will share in- sights and experiences from their various perspectives within the in- dustry. June’s event featured Dr. Paula Dupuy DVM who ad- dressed the topic of quality of life for the geriatric horse. Linda Agnew, CEBP, Bowen Health Therapist, CranioSacral therapist and Equi-Tape Practitioner, spoke of the benefits of Doterra essential oils for grounding and focusing both horse and rider. Certified Equi-Bow Practi-

tioner Katherine Curran attended the evening and says she is already looking forward to future events. “The Wild About Equine

Wellness event was a fun-filled and informative night with a great

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group of people,” said Curran. “It is a wonderful thing to create a community that supports similar ideas and businesses in the equine world. I highly recommend this event.” The next Wild About Equine

Wellness event will be held on July 17 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Ce-dar Lane Farm. For more in- formation, future event dates, or to register and RSVP on Meet Up v

i s e-mail i t about-Equine-Wellness/. For more information

simo- or

Equi-Bow Canada Inc.,

text/call (905) 746-6797. It is highly recommended to RSVP for the event in advance as space is limited. There is a participation fee of $20 at the door. For more information on its

courses, or for a list of Certified Equi-Bow Practitioners in your area,

Photo Top Right:: Equine profes- sionals from various fields joined together for the inaugural Wild About Equine Wellness network- ing event. The next event will be held on Wednesday, July 17 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Cedar Lane Farm, Freelton.

lack of workers. The new show was run with the help of local businesses and loads of volunteers in pouring rain. The Ormerod family ran the food booth. Our cover picture was Greig Hart with Ms. Hathaway Hardy after winning the $1,000.00 Wiser western pleasure.

Absorbine was promoting their

#1 veterinary liniment with a full colour back page advertisement. Not only that but they bought a cen- tre fold page and were promoting their Show Sheen.

The Rider ran a feature story

on actress Glen Close and Jeff Bridges with the Million Dollar Arabian horse Gklanda on the set of the thriller Jagged Edge. I wonder if it is on Youtube or Netflix.

Health Alert: Positive Outbreak Of Neurologic Equine Herpes Virus Confirmed In Saskatchewan

abortions (6) in a group of 70 late-term brood mares, followed by severe neurological symp- toms in five horses which were subsequently eu- thanized. Equine herpes virus-1 (EHV-1) was confirmed by PCR on June 4. The premises has self-quarantined, under supervision of the herd veterinarian; it is anticipated that all animals cur-

The Ontario Federation of Agricul- ture recommended to the provincial government that they set up Rural Child Care programs.

Humber College Equine Cen-

tre were advertising for various full and part time job openings.

Mavis McCullum and

Clarence Purcell were the founders of the Ontario Trail Riding Associ- ation. They worked extremely hard in convincing the Ontario Govern- ment to help them open and estab- lish horse trails around the province. My wife Katherine and I took our trusty steads to the Grand Opening of one of the trails and took some pictures..

Kit Lehman was complaining

Do you love Fergus? Visit his website at:

Pathology professor Ian Baker

was the 1984 recipient of the Nor- den Distinguished Teachers Award by the Ontario Veterinary College.

The Absorbine Spring Speed

Race was held at Picov Downs. One hundred and Ninety One riders from Canada and USA were there to grab the prize money, but the big prize was taken home by Joanne Morehouse.

Mickey Barnier, a horseman,

fought hard against Muscular Dys- trophy. The horse community came together in droves to support the ef- fort of Mickey’s friends to get him much needed transportation. A golf tournament was held and all the money that was required for a prop- erly outfitted van was raised. The Horse community can always be counted on.

The ORA was in full swing as

they were well into their 1985 Rodeo Season. The featured ORA member was Aubrey Minshall and

The World Quarter

Horse Show was held in Oklahoma City on Novem- ber 16-23.

The members of the

American Junior Paint Horse Association approved the venue for their next annal youth show and con- vention - Denver, Colorado July 11.

The Rags to Riches

Barrel Race Futurity had al- ready committed to Quar- terama ‘86 with the announcement

that they

would have a $2,500 added purse for eligible 4 year olds.

Aidan W. Finn CD

Founder of The Rider 1970 President, Orange aPEEL

That’s -30- for now see

you next ish. Thanks for looking down in this corner.

in her WHAO column about the rain. That was in July 1985. Here we are 34 years later and we are doing the same thing.

The WHAO announced more

approved shows for the season they were now up to 10. Those were the days my friend…

virus (nEHV) has been confirmed on a single premises in southern Saskatchewan. The first symptoms noted were sporadic

An outbreak of neurologic equine herpes

rently on the premises will not be moved for a period of several months. No animals were moved off the premises in the weeks prior to the outbreak. Animal movements onto the farm in the weeks prior to the outbreak are being inves- tigated to try to identify a potential source of in- troduction of the virus. More details may be found on the CAHSS

website -

his son Shawn, both were owners of the Space Maker Products in Mississauga. Aubrey, being his usual self, listed his age as over 21. Shawn was 29. Aubrey and I shared a lot of time to- gether and enjoyed a lot of chit chat about horses and rodeo… you see The Rider was printed next door to Aubrey’s business so I was his visitor on many occa- sions. He was indeed a great horseman.

My Turn I do not have much to

gripe about in this issue, ex- cept that no one was able to come up with the reasons for the Auto Industries “Best in Class”. I just noticed that the Ford 150 has claimed 3 “Best in Class “ thingy’s. I’m not sure how they ar- rived at that.

I have noticed that Mr.

T opens his illustrious gob only to change feet… I did see him lay political insults at the USA War Graves site at the D-Day ceremonies in Normandy. You can always count on him making any event all about “ME”. What an insult. Soon they will take him away to the Funny Farm.

Did any one know what

-30- meant? I will leave it and see if anyone takes a chance at telling me.

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