2019 Ontario Trail Riders Association Board of Directors

President/Ride Schedule Sonja Wyss 705-434-7947

Linda Fell 905-842-9031

Past-President Helmut Hitscherich 905-473-9329,

Secretary Tina Kerst 416-907-6051

Membership Linda Fell 905-842-9031

Treasurer Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Trail Advocate Ron Keeler, 705-341-1073,

Website Development Caroline Fell 289-681-0174

Area Representative Elaine Wiesner 519-940-1710

Newsletter/Promotion Lana English 519-658-3489

Directors at Large Karen Plume, 519-604-4020, Darlene Sharpe, 519-994-3912, Cathy Togeretz, 519-465-1758, Ellie Hinze, 613-396-5883, Sandra Kendall, 905-939-8356, Tina Kerst, 416-907-6051,

1326 Odessa Cres., Oakville, ON L6H 1R8 •

in 1970, is an equestrian organization which promotes recreational trail riding and the creation, development, preservation and safe use of trails.

The Ontario Trail Riders Association Inc, established

with the Ontario Trails Council, Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada. We welcome your membership to help support the voice of OTRA on your behalf. Visit our Facebook Page

“Be strong, but not rude Be kind, but not weak Be Bold, but don’t bully Be humble, but not timid Be proud, but not arrogant”. Cowboy Way


OTRA 2019 tentative ride schedule: Date

Host Vivian Forest

Wiarton 7 Day Ride Dufferin Forest Simcoe Forest

Dufferin Forest July 19-21 Aug. 23-25

Dundas Valley Campout Aug. 9-11 South Algonquin

Sept. 20-23 Sept. 27-29

Dundas Valley Day Ride Oct. 6 Helmut's Vivian Forest Oct. 11-14

Requirements: If a non-member, please see ride organizer and pay day fee: all participants must sign a waiver and show proof of liabil- ity insurance.

Follow us on our Website: Vivian Forest, May 24-26,

host Helmut Hitscherich. Rain or shine we had fun camping at the Vivian Forest. Thanks to Helmut for hosting and to OTRA for the great weekend,. What an amazing place to ride and camp. Sandra Lundy

Poker Ride, June 1-2, hosts Elaine Wiesner, Sonja Wyss.

Simcoe Forest Fundraiser For

ATTSAR in Simcoe Forest. The 13 km trail was fantastic with most on the treasured singles. “The rain held up”. Great day with old and new riders enjoying what we love most for a great cause. Let’s hope we never need rescued! Yvonne Taylor Dufferin Forest, June 7-9, host

Karen Plume. Great ride with the OTRA gang. We enjoyed the Sim- coe singles in 80 degrees. Finally summer is here. It never rains on


July 28-Aug. 3 Chesley Saddle Club Aug. 2-5

Helmut Hitscherich Sonja Wyss

Richard Gauthier

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Tammy/Lyle Donaldson Sonja Wyss

Lana English, Laurie Panagiotou Helmut Hitscherich

Karen’s rides. We actually had three consecutive days without rain. We didn’t expect to come across any motorized vehicles in the forest as they are not permitted but, we sure were glad they were there. A rider on one of the atv’s drove our member back to camp to get help because her horse was tying up. Proof that different user groups of the forest can live har- moniously. Thanks guys. I was packed up and ready to drive home after a glorious weekend in Duf- ferin when my truck wouldn’t start. Dead battery and blown 175 amp fuse. My truck was towed home. Sonja took my trailer and horse to her farm for the night.


am so grateful to Sonja, Karen, Elaine and Janice who stayed late with me to make sure that my horse and I were safe. They are the definition of true friends. “ A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else”. Len Wein

Lana English

“The horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity”. Jesse Westfall

7 Captions: 1

1/ May 24-26 at Hel- mut’s Vivian Forest Ride.

Sandra Lundy’s, Raine.

2/ Stewart watching as OK Tire Tim checks the poker hands!

3/ Sandra Lundy on Raine, May24-26 Vi- vian Forest

4/ Helmut enjoying potluck dinner in the Dufferin!

5/ Cowgirls relaxing after the poker ride!

6/ Sonja Wyss, Linda Fell, and Carole Blake in the Duf- ferin.

7/ Janice Clegg and Karen Plume, June 7- 9 Dufferin Forest

3 2 OTRA and its members represent the equestrian trail user



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