Working For The Future Of Recreational Canadians Community!!!

Office: 905-655-4666 We have had a lot of new

memberships and would like to thank everyone for joining. Some are new horse owners so we would like to offer some helpful hints.

Basic horse ownership is

simple: Clean fresh water to drink available at all times. Shelter out of the Sun and

harsh conditions as we are Cana- dians.

Adequate correct feed for

your horse. Some horses require different feed according to their performance. Talk to your vet about this. Regular hoof trimming and

possible shoeing. Again this is determined by what performance you do with your horse. You should clean out your

horse’s hoof with a hoof pic be- fore each use and daily. Your Ferrier can help with

this and explain why. You may need lessons in

whatever discipline you choose to participate in. There are lots of facilities to choose from that will meet your needs. Knowledge is Power and Practice Makes Per- fect so they say! Vaccinations for Rabies is a

must and speak to your Veterinar- ian about what else you should do. This is all so determined by what area you live in. You should have your Vet

also do a physical each year to de- termine the overall health of your horse.

They will also check your

horses teeth, in some cases may need to be floated. Some horses need this more often than others. Horses can suffer from Heat

Stroke like people and other pets. Please provide lots of water and shade while you are waiting to compete and after any event. Small amounts of water at a time. Horse need salt in their diet

which comes in big block form which can be placed in the pasture or in small block form with a holder that can be mounted in their stalls. Horses need exercise and

should have adequate time out- side with ample room to move around. Stalls should also be big enough for the horse to move around. They should also be kept clean and have sufficient bedding. Rubber mats are used especially if the floor is cement. Cement is cold and rough and the mats help prevent this. There are many different

types of bedding to choose from. If your horse has allergies then check the different types for the best one for you. Bugs this time of year are

nasty. There are several types of fly shields out there, be sure and pic one that breathes and is light in colour. Dark colours draw the heat!

Many new varieties of face

fly masks with ears are available. Some are designed to wear while performing. The more comfortable your

horse is the more enjoyable your time together will be. Very Important that if your

are having trouble with your horse call a professional, they will be more than willing to help you. Horse ownership is a life

long learning experience! Remember to be kind and

*Certain rules and restrictions apply and must be a member of an approved association. Savings off of current manufacturer’s retail list price. Discounts do not include taxes, freight, setup, delivery or pre-delivery inspection. Offer limited to full-time, professional trainers and breeders in the U.S. and Canada. Offer subject to change without notice. Valid at participating dealer only. See dealer for details. 1Offer valid from May 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019. 0% APR purchase nancing for 84 months on new John Deere 1-5 Family Tractors. Down payment may be required. Monthly payments/cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed/down payment. Taxes, set-up, delivery and freight will apply. Minimum nance amount may be required; representative amount does not guarantee offer applies. The charge for amounts past due is 24% per annum. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Additional dealer fees may apply. Financing on approved John Deere Financial credit only. See dealer for details. May not be combined with other offers. Discounts or other incentives may be available for cash purchases. By selecting the purchase nancing offer, consumers may be foregoing such discounts and incentives which may result in a higher effective interest rate. AFor example, on a 1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor, based on a selling price of $12,600 less a $2,520 down payment results in a balance of $10,080 to be nanced for a maximum of 7 years with 84 monthly payments of $120 per month totaling $10,080 based on 0% APR with a cost of borrowing of $0. BFor example, on a 3025E Compact Utility Tractor, based on a selling price of $17,745 less a $3,549 down payment results in a balance of $14,196 to be nanced for a maximum of 7 years with 84 monthly payments of $169 per month totaling $14,196 based on 0% APR with a cost of borrowing of $0. CFor example, on a 4044M Compact Utility Tractor, based on a selling price of $25,480 less a $5,096 down payment results in a balance of $20,384 to be nanced for a maximum of 7 years with 84 monthly payments of $245 per month totaling $20,384 based on 0% APR with a cost of borrowing of $0.

4044M $245


per month1C 25,480

Ask about our Equine Discount Program John Deere equipment stands for long-lasting value and support for the equine industry.

Green Tractors

Brampton, Earlton, Kingston, Milton, Nobleton, Omemee, Port Perry

Huron Tractor

London/Thamesford, Mitchell, St. Thomas, Stayner, Walkerton

Podolinsky Equipment

Petrolia Blyth, Chatsworth, Exeter, Hyde Park, *


caring and they will be with you!! Trust is the number one factor in

any relationship this even applies to horses and all pets!!!! Just a reminder that our member-

ships run from Jan 1st to Dec 31 of each year, and there are NO discounts for purchasing throughout the year. There are no reimbursements ei-

ther. BFL can also look after your other

insurance needs. If you have any questions about

your insurance please contact

Stephanie Kirton at 1-800-668-5901. If you have trouble filling out

your membership on line please call the Office 1-905-655-4666. You must fill out an application

for each person that is joining. BFL re- quires all the information you submit to insure you properly. We do not accept debit cards un-

less they are visa debit cards. You can use Visa, Master, Amex. The order number your receive is

Choose from a

strong line.

your confirmation that you are a mem- ber and have insurance coverage. Print or save to your phone as proof until your Tags arrive. We are looking for suggestions

were to hold our Annual General Meet- ing. If you would like us to come to your neighbourhood please contact Bonnie

at Be Smart!!! Be Safe!!!!


0% for 84 months 1023E $120


per month1A 12,600


3025E $169


per month1B 17,756


Your Ontario Equestrian Federation Platinum Partners:

Premier Equipment Ltd.

Listowel, Mt. Forest, Ospringe, Simcoe, Smithville, Tavistock

Fulline Farm & Garden

Glencoe Alliston, Ayr, Courtland, Elmira,

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