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June in your Garden From Signature Landscaping

JUNE is the month when our gardens tend to be at


best, the colours and smells of summer are all around and the long warm days can create such wonderful days and early evenings spent in the garden. As always try and keep on top of weeds, regular hoeing on a warm day

will the little blighters at bay!

keep If

you have gaps in the borders summer bedding is a quick fix with almost guaranteed success if you keep them watered.


petunia and most silver-leaved tender perennials like a bright position and will flower more profusely and over a longer period if rewarded with sunshine. Nicotiana, impatiens and even begonias can cope with a little shade. containers,

Plant up hanging baskets

and planters now that the risk of frost has passed, if you have them growing on in a greenhouse move them outside to their final position. Now

that the bulbs have finished their great show you can lift and divide them for a better show next spring. Roses are often

at their

peak in June, providing a wonderfully

colourful and

fragrant display with plenty of cut blooms for the house. As the flowers fade, cut back the dying heads with about six inches of stem. With the wonderful show The Chelsea Flower


Show this year it may have inspired you to add or create something new in your garden. It may be some new exciting plants or a new addition that will require a little work.

Anything is possible and budgets do not have to be that of a Chelsea garden. We can always help and advise if needed. The opportunity to take a look at other gardens is to visit an open gardens event. These are always advertised locally so keep a look out for posters. An open garden can

offer a great glimpse at what other keen gardeners are doing in their plots and best of all you may be able to pick up some wonderful new plants and a cup of tea and cake! June can be the very best

month not too hot but plenty of wonderful sunshine and the long sunny days make everything


Please get out in the garden as much as


so good. it


great for you both physically and mentally, watching your garden bloom can be such a positive thing.


Enjoy this month and try and get out as much as possible, if you need any help in the garden or just some advice, please call.

Above all enjoy your garden. Please find us on Facebook – Signature Landscaping. Richard Bareham

Signature Landscaping 07939 855932

SOUTHWOLD Arts Festival, Southwold Arts Centre, Sunday 23rd June, 2.30pm. East Anglian based group the

TestostaTones will be making a rare appearance

in their

native county of Suffolk. The group, who have been voted the UK’s top acapella group are hosting ‘An


with the TestostaTones’ at the Southwold

Arts Festival on Sunday 23rd June.

In 2012, the group came to prominence in a 30-minute documentary about the vocal style of singing known as Doo- Wop which was broadcast on BBC Radio 2. The show featured

about the timeline of the genre, discussing leading and

artists from the style

most prominent in the 1950s exploring how the style gave birth to early Rock ‘n’ Roll and of course performing classic Doo-Wop songs and their own original songs. In this show, they


NINETEEN poets gathered in the upstairs room, all laid out to perfection by our kindly hosts, Lorraine

and plain Danny. What

followed was an astonishing two hours of verse, presented by the poets themselves. Good poems, ordered,


words, well- effortlessly

to fix our attention. We were taken

on journeys through

time and space. Inventions, situations

and memories

made a rich banquet for the imagination. We travelled to far places, pondering the trials of being alive, of old age, of love and death. From green Welsh hills, to tropic seas, we heard of fabulous and exotic

species, breathed other, clearer air, our thoughts ruffled by unexpected breezes. A country shepherd came to light. We remembered Oak Apple Day, old fugitive kings, and kings less fortunate, in Paris not so very long ago. Topically, we celebrated

Simon Armitage, once a social worker in the north, now newly appointed as Poet Laureate, and as if by some timely coincidence

our sympathies

were shaken by the agonies of young British citizens, neglected

and displaced,

here, at home, in one of the wealthiest nations under the sun.

Twice in these crowded hours we paused at the edge of a pool along the road to Wissett. In silence, we caught the slow ripple of a fat carp- fish, lazily cutting the surface, some late afternoon under the last blue patch of watery sky. Swan Poets plan to meet

again at The White Swan, London Road, Halesworth on Friday 19th July. Starting at 7pm. Admission £2 on arrival. If you have a poem you would like to read, contact Mike on 01986 872981 or mab2015@ Keen listeners are always welcome.

Memories of Dad

ON June 16th thousands of people will be gathering together

to celebrate their

relationship with their fathers and grandfathers. However, while many celebrate Father’s Day, there will be a group of people spending this

special . .

day without their father. Some visit their grave; some reflect on memories and others are at a loss to know quite what to do. Staff at Rosedale Funeral Home will once again be opening their Book of Memories from which people

may draw comfort

by expressing how they feel and writing it down in their memory. There is a Book of

Memories in each branch of Rosedale and anyone who has been bereaved of their father can contribute children

to and young

the book, people

are also encouraged and can even bring along a photograph to paste in and celebrate his life. The pages will be kept for many years and will be a testament to the understanding and

acceptance that comes

with the passing of time. Rosedale also have available a limited number of forget me not seeds for families to take away and plant in memory of their father.

Both the seeds

and the book of memories will be available in the week prior to Father’s Day.

In the days surrounding

Father’s Day, remember it’s OK to grieve for your father in your own way. Grief is not bad it is the price you pay for loving, so be kind to yourself. If you didn’t love you wouldn’t grieve.

Popping in to the funeral home is also an ideal opportunity to find out more about Rosedale’s bereavement support groups and memory boxes, as well as the Nelson’s Journey Smiles and tears gift box, which would make a beautiful gift for a child that has been bereaved of his or her father.

the group talking groups

Afternoon with the TestostaTones replicate


the broadcast by what

the it (oft-

misunderstood) genre is, how it came about and the resurgences

has enjoyed.

They will be conducting a Q & A as well as talking about some of the opportunities and experiences

they have had

which include performing for the rich and famous, including Elton John, The Queen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Olly Murs to name a few! Plus, of course, they will be performing songs at request from the huge

Dee’s Den – The Pear Tree Fund (formerly the Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund)

WE have a great variety of lovely Summer wear – swimwear

shorts, jackets,

summer dresses, sun hats, summer trousers, skirts and shirts. Beautiful hats for that summer wedding or a trip to the races, come and have a look! There are always amazing bargains to be had in the Den, different bargains every day. We offer a wide range of very reasonably priced clothes for men, women and some baby and children’s clothes too, and lots of accessories to complete the look. The £1 rail of clothes is

replenished every week,

real bargains are to be had here, always outside when the weather is dry. We now have a ‘children’s

and varied repertoire of Doo- Wop. TestostaTones group member, Richard Ainslie says, “This will be our first appearance at The Festival and we are really looking forward to appearing”. Tickets for the show are £7.50 and can be purchased from the box office on 01502 722572 or online at www. For more details, visit www.

alley’ where the toys, games, jigsaws, clothes, shoes, sandals and equipment are kept in one place so easy to see that something special. We provide a wide range of books to suit all tastes and all ages from 20p – 50p, occasionally a special book may be £1! We have some chairs and small tables and also a display cabinet – just ask in the shop and we will show you. A wide range of glass, kitchenware and tableware, garden items and some plants too. Also, some of our unsold items are now only 20p or 50p – bargains! Changes in the linen department

too, where the

curtains have been displayed better and there is an assortment of bedding, cushions (only £1 each), towels, tablecloths. A wide range of stationary,

gift bags, files and haberdashery – lots of buttons, knitting wool etc. We have a wide range of

CD’s and DVD’s to choose from at amazingly cheap prices – only 50p; vinyl records at £1. Remember we now only accept new electrical items, but we still have a few remaining electrical items at bargain

prices that have all

been PAT tested. A big thank you to Anne, who continues to provide our delicious homemade jams and marmalade, Bob and Maggie and also Judy who continue

to provide local much needed storage space and Glen who helps with electrical items and Julian with checking watches and clocks. We couldn’t manage without you. We are amazed at the generosity of the community which enables us to offer items at a reasonable price to ensure a quick turnover of our stock, raising funds for this local charity. This is only possible because of the continued local community support and visitors to our shop. Thank you again for donating items and coming and spending. Donations of clean, usable, saleable

items please. We

also accept clean clothes and household items for recycling, please let us know when dropping them into us – we make several hundred pounds a

month. With our change

over from Winter to Summer clothes we made over £200 pounds! If you have more than a couple of bags at a time or larger items or need collection, we ask that you phone 07733 668221 and leave a message, so we can phone you back to make arrangements.

Thank you as always to our fantastic team of volunteers: Linda, Eileen, Sue E, Pauline, Jill, Chrissie, Mary, Dot, Katy, Chris, Gay, Valda, Erica, Anne, Bernadette, Sue, Dawn, Claire,

Susie, Jane,

Barb, Frances, Alison, Viv and Irene. A special thank you to Steve who did some running repairs in the shop for us – much appreciated! If you too are interested in volunteering please

contact Nikki in the

shop or 07733 668221. Just to remind you Dee’s

‘Den’ is open 6 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10am – 4pm, Monday, Thursday and Saturday our half days we close at 1pm. Please don’t leave bags of goods at the door if we are closed, just contact us 07733 668221. You will find Dee’s Den in Steeple End near the church.



Halesworth United Reformed Church Tuesday Group

WE have welcomed Casey and Brooke into Brownies and it is lovely to see them enjoying themselves. We have made a good start exploring the new programme and after a games evening to kick start the new term we have looked at “One Good Turn Leads to Another” with Penguin and “Changing Minds” with Panda and Koala. The girls have thought of ways to help others whether at home or school and how it can have a positive impact with friends and family. We have also talked about how to respect one another and how even when we do not have the same opinion as others it is good to listen to them respectively. We decided we may even change our minds! As we approached half term Dolphin put us through our paces with “Move and Shake!” The Brownies created their own dance moves and then performed them to one another.

of these topics are part of Expressing

Ourselves Knowing Ourselves.

Alison, Sheila, Karen, Laura, Neve, Katie, Jenna and Chloe

All and

Wenhaston WI

WHO would think an hour’s talk about cows could be so riveting? Helen Reeve conveyed her enthusiasm about her herd of Dexter cattle with such verve we were quite captivated. Even as a small child Helen had always loved cows and had dreamt of owning a herd.

She started her career at Easton College where she had to milk 150 cows day and night and at county shows she would walk the animals around the ring.

Somehow she found time

to join the Young Farmers and worked her way up the hierarchy, becoming chair of the local group and being spokesman for the National Young Farmers. An embossed envelope arrived inviting her to a garden party at the palace, this caused much consternation as it stated in, small print at the bottom, and ‘Hats must be worn.’ ‘The only hat I owned,’ Helen said,’ was a bobble hat and I didn’t think this would fit the bill.’ On two other formal occasions she met Prince Charles, the second time she was in a line up with three other people. On being introduced one of the men mentioned to the Prince that he had awarded him with his OBE. The Prince murmured that he was sorry he didn’t remember, moving on he took Helen’s hand and said, ‘Helen how nice to see you again.’ Quite a special moment. Helen now owns a herd of

40 Dexter cattle. Why Dexter? Helen explained that being short she couldn’t cope with cows that she couldn’t see over their backs. ‘How lucky am I,’ she said,’ to be able to create a business out of a hobby.’ Next month Sharon Lockhart informs us about recycling, very topical.

Lawrence Tree Services

Tree Pruning Reductions, Felling, Stump grinding,

wood chips supplied Fully insured. NPTC trained staff

Telephone 01986 875036 or 07768 181315

• Consultation • Design service • Planting plans • Restoration

CALL: 07557132809 0387286


GARDEN SERVICES Lawn cutting • Strimming • Borders Hoed

• Lawn Edges Trimmed • Garden Tidying

FULLY INSURED David Aldridge 07824 194674

Tim Harrison's Tree Services Est 2000

C & G Qualified Tree Surgeon Fully Insured

Tree Surgery & Precision Felling Hedge Cutting • Stump Grinding Free Quotations

12 Silver Ley, Redisham, Beccles, Suffolk. NR34 8LX Telephone 01502 575921

Call Andrew on 07850 583 093


BRIAN DAGLISH 07980 953138

General garden maintenance including grass cutting, hedge trimming, weeding, planting and fence painting.

Local • Trustworthy • Reliable Based in Halesworth 01986 874966

. .







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