16 June 2019 Halesworth & Southwold Community News Flippin’ good Fathers’ Day

COME Sunday 16 June, families across the country will be celebrating their lovely fathers and grandads and what better way than to get chargrilling, either outside on the barbecue in the sunshine or indoors in the unlikely event it’s a grey or rainy day. A perennial favourite, not just with the menfolk but also children too are burgers. And if you put a bit of a variety in to it, even non-meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans can tuck in to a great patty Here’s a few meatless options alongside more traditional carnivorous ideas for the perfect burgers:

Middle-Eastern falafel burger: two tins of chickpeas drained, rinsed and dried, then pulse with a small handful of fresh parsley and another of coriander leaves, 3 peeled and chopped garlic cloves, 1 peeled and chopped small red onion, 1 heaped tsp ground cumin, half tsp of ground coriander and same of


1tbsp sesame seeds and 2tbsp plain flour and seasoning to suit, before shaping into 6 – 8 patties. Great with hummous and tahini sauce in

A slap-up thank you meal alfresco is a perfect thank you for chef-owner Jonny Nicholson of The Sail Loft in Southwold pitta bread.

Asian seafood burger: Process

350g raw skinless salmon fillet until finely-chopped, add in 1 large red chilli deseeded and a thumb of peeled and grated root ginger, pulsing until well-mixed. Put into a bowl and mix in 350g roughly- sliced raw prawns and seasoning to suit before shaping into 6 patties. Lovely with sweet chilli sauce and lime-dressed coleslaw in your bun. Caribbean fish burger: In a bowl mix together 1 beaten egg white, 4 finely-chopped spring onions, 20g fresh breadcrumbs, 2tbsp chopped coriander leaves, 2tsp jerk seasoning, 1 chopped garlic clove and seasoning to suit, then finely chop 700g skinless, firm white fish fillets before pulsing altogether. Shape into 6 patties. Spicy mango sauce and chinese leaf is delicious with these.

Lamb, mint and feta burger: Pulse together 500g lamb mince, 1tbsp mint sauce, 2tbsp chopped fresh mint leaves, 1 beaten egg, 40g fresh breadcrumbs, 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 peeled and finely-chopped small red onion and

seasoning to suit. Divide into four balls, push your thumb into the middle and add 25g crumbled feta into the hole, cover up the cheese and then mould and flatten into a patty before repeating with the other three balls. Roasted red pepper, yoghurt and flatbread works well. Beefburger with mustard and red onion marmalade: Pulse together 1 heaped tbsp red onion marmalade, 500g coarse steak mince, 1 tsp thyme leaves, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, 1 heaped Dijon-style mustard and seasoning to suit, before dividing into 4 patties. Brioche buns are delicious with this, alongwith melted blue cheese on top, watercress leaves and crisp smoked streaky rashers. Pork burger: Pulse 500g pork mince with 1 heaped tsp wholegrain mustard, 1 tsp dried sage, 50g fresh breadcrumbs, 1 grated cored apple or 2 tbsp chunky apple sauce, 1 finely chopped large spring onion, 1 beaten egg and seasoning to suit, before dividing into 4 patties. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, wider thin falafels make a fun alternative to burger

Rendham Mummers

FRIDAY, 21st June, is the Summer Solstice (LITHA), the Longest Day. A time, not only to celebrate the power of the sun, fertility and life, but the

return of Rendham

Mummers! Yes, they are back once again, bringing mayhem and merriment on their Oak Moon Tour, which is raising money this time for Lighthouse Women’s Aid. “Still

proud to

buns for the lamb burger recipe and make for a lighter meal. Remember a good burger


all about the condiments and accompaniments you serve with them, so do splash out on the best you can afford if you are going to all that effort for your dads and grandads…

Happy Fathers’ Day! Enjoy, Jonny

Jonny Nicholson, Chef – Owner, The Bell At Sax’, Saxmundham and The Sail Loft in Southwold The Bell At Sax’, High Street, Saxmundham IP17 1AF

Relaxing neighbourhood restaurant-

with-rooms with good food, lounge bar and two dining rooms. Have you enjoyed our new Sunday Lunch Carvery (just £11.95)… W:


01728 602331 The Sail Loft, Ferry Road, Southwold IP18 6HQ

Our beachside café-bar and restaurant, proudly using local, seasonal, Suffolk ingredients. Find us by Southwold’s dunes near the campsite and lifeboat station. How about booking for our luxurious afternoon tea… W: T: 01502 725713

be never

knowingly over-rehearsed”, their latest play,

“The Battle of Pipney Hill Revisited: The Truth behind the Head”

explores, once again, the theme

of their very first performance, ten years ago. In AD 60-61, Boudicca, Queen of the local Iceni tribe, led a rebellion against the tyrannical Roman occupation forces, sacking Camulodunum (Colchester) and Londinium (London). A Roman army reinforced by several legions, later counter attacked driving Boudicca northwards. But how did the famous bronze head of Emperor Claudius (now in the British Museum) end up

in the River Alde at Rendham? What was the Battle of Pipney Hill

fought nearby? What are

the intrinsic links between these events, the Green Man, and Mummer traditions? All will be revealed!

Oak Moon tour dates include: Summer Solstice, Friday 21st June, 7.45pm, Sweffling White Horse;

Saturday 13th July, 7.45pm,

Sibton White Horse; Beer Festival, Friday 2nd August, 7.30pm, Low House, Laxfield; Bank Holiday Monday 26th August, 12.30pm, Rendham White Horse.

Please join us in our celebrations, and in our modest efforts to try to keep this centuries’ old, unique form of street theatre alive; whilst raising thousands of pounds for very worthwhile charities, having a great time and enjoying the delights of some great local pubs. If you have not seen us before and want more information and photos, see Rendham Mummers Facebook page.

Support Boudicca in her struggle for Women’s Rights & Freedom!

“The time leading up to the funeral was made bearable knowing that you were at the end of the telephone.”

Rosedale Funeral Home are proud to support

The Beccles Public Hall Hungate, Beccles

Property Pop-in / Coffee Morning Saturday 22nd June 10am-12pm

DE ARGENTEINS 6 Thoroughfare, Halesworth, IP19 8AH

Upper Olland St, Bungay 01986 892790 Market Place, Halesworth 01986 875588

Market Place, Halesworth 01986 875588

01502 714445 – from a family we have cared for at Rosedale

We are a family business and promise to provide exceptional care and a truly personal 24 hour service, when you need it most.

Looking to move, to buy or sell, want to discuss the cost of moving, what you can borrow and the process of buying or selling then pop in for a coffee with the ATTIK and Yellow Brick Mortgage’s team.

An opportunity to look through and discuss the properties we currently have on the market and your property wish list.

Come and have a coffee and cake on us between 10am and 12pm.

YBM are a Norfolk Based Mortgage & Protection brokerage with over 200 years of combined experience. Offering advice both face to face

and on the telephone nationwide. Empathetic Estate Agents, Unapologetically Different

Call us on 01986 899532 email

Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm 01986 873484

18b Thoroughfare, Halesworth IP19 8AP Summer’s Here!

Come and visit us for all your gardening needs, tools, plants, bird seed and feeders plus lots more to make the most of your garden. Also stocking a wide range of animal feeds and sundries, saddlery riding wear, hats and boots. A lovely friendly shop and well worth a visit.





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