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Halesworth & Southwold Community News February 2019 19 Forever Evergreen

If your garden is looking a bit bare at the moment, don’t be disheartened … it’s the perfect time to put some evergreen structure into it that will anchor your summer plants and keep your garden looking great throughout the winter months. Evergreens are plants,

shrubs or trees that don’t lose their leaves, even in winter. Which means that if you want colour and interest in your garden all year round, and if you don’t want to spend a great deal of time gardening, evergreens can be an ideal solution. If you have a large plot to

work with, then you might like to consider including some evergreen trees, but for small outdoor spaces there are evergreen shrubs such as Skimmia japonica, there are ferns which stay green all year round like Adiantum venustum (Evergreen Maidenhair),

there are

heathers which do the same Erica carnea and there are also evergreen plants and grasses. The joy about evergreens

is that they are great as a year-round framework for the garden. You can use them to fill gaps in borders and cover boundary walls and fences or provide focal points and visual statements. You can also make

your evergreen garden as formal or relaxed as you like. Symmetrically shaped box trees in containers, carefully trimmed hedges and evenly spaced trees and conifers or shrubs will give your garden a very formal look. Alternatively, mixing container plants with evergreen grasses such as Stipa gingantea, and planting a variety of different height plants and shrubs together, will look more natural and tranquil. Evergreens such as box,

yew, bay, holly and conifers are also ideal for topiary – if you’re feeling brave you can create your own designs or simply plant topiary balls, cones or spirals for striking year-round evergreen highlights.

Depending on the weather,

february is a time to turn your attention back to the outdoors and venture out to see how prepared you are for the start of spring. Here are some expert tips of what to put on your february ‘to do’ list. The essential spring job

is digging and preparing, just so long as the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen. Digging and forking the soil allows you to loosen it, remove weeds and add compost or manure, which will improve soil structure and create a moisture and food reserve for plants. There’s nothing better than digging and breathing in the smell of the soil as you turn it over, knowing that your efforts will be rewarded with some great tasting veg or fabulous flowers. This month there are signs

of the approaching spring, with bulbs appearing and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. There's plenty to do indoors this month to prepare for the season ahead. Outdoors, as the garden comes to life again, it's time to prune shrubs and climbers, such as Wisteria as well as evergreen hedges. Create leaf piles in quiet

corners of the garden border or leave a swathe of grass uncut; these offer mini-beasts places to spend the winter and provide ground feeding birds somewhere to forage. To help birds with spring- time nesting, put out the fur from pet grooming so that birds can use the fur and line their nests (february and March and onwards).

February in the Garden

Hello and welcome to february, I sometimes think this could be the worst month of the year, weather-wise. Last years exceptional snow and winds, I know were later but february can be an ideal month to just plan your garden and maybe only venture out when the sun shines and the winds are not from the north. With this in mind I have

With Signature landscaping and maintenance vibrant colours and vigorous greens on your mental well- being is an irrefutable fact. Enhanced kerb appeal – nothing

There’s more

satisfactory than coming to a home that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and that you can be proud of to invite your friends to. Increased property value –

been thinking about The front Garden. Many of us have a smallish space that gets a level of care throughout the year, but in many cases is not considered as important and a back garden. This is no doubt because we tend not spend time entertaining etc. I recently read a very interesting article by a major property developer highlighting the importance of the front garden. It reminded the reader that buyers as well as passers by only generally have a few seconds to judge and appreciate the front garden, with this in mind, I have sketched out some ideas that help bring a fresh look to the front of your house along with reason why front gardens are so important. The transformation can be quite dramatic and will certainly not cost anything like a total redesign for a back garden. Good for the environment –

Trees, shrubs and other plants in your garden control the rise of help absorb rainwater better than hard surfaces. Beneficial for your well- being – The calming effect of

The sale ability and rent ability of your property will immediately shoot up if your front garden looks well- maintained and lush. This is referred as “KERB APPEAL” Welcoming to wildlife –

Birds, bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects will certainly flourish in the natural microhabitat that your garden will create for Easy to combine with a driveway – A well-designed front garden doesn’t need to exclude the so needed driveway or parking space. Plant life can be easily combined which will enhance the grey space. The 7 golden rules for front gardens fit in with the theme in your

street, being too different could clash and therefore not enhance your home

Symmetry works well, match colours, pots and shapes either side of a path Structure is important, use

raised beds to create height and interest Be logical, make sure its obvious where your path is and leads to.

Use the height of your windows, this stops plants obscuring any view or reducing light in the home. Think about potential buyers,

if you are planning to sell or rent your property then the front can act to attract viewings Planning permission, there

can be rules generally relating to height of fences and gates so check before you go ahead. You can introduce some wonderful shrubs and hedging plants like like choysia “Sundance” produces a lovely scent in early summer and tolerates most soil types. Other scented plants will invite all your guests to your home lavender can create a wonderful path edge hedge. Often front gardens are small and grass can be a problem cutting and keeping looking at it best, so think about alternative materials you could sow a chamomile lawn which gives a great fragrance or more practically you could use gravels along with raised beds can be made from oak sleepers, too much concrete reduces the gardens ability to drain rain water possibly leading to flooding. What ever you do, enjoy

your front and back garden, but if you want any help in your garden with maintenance to bring your plans to life please call us, we are always happy to help.

Signature Landscaping 07939855932

Halesworth Volunteer Centre

JANUARY has already proved to be a very busy month with lots of trips to hospital and people catching up with their appointments and shopping needs. We are delighted to

be welcoming three new volunteers, Mia, Joanna and Ann.

Thanks so much for joining the team. We are always looking for Isolation Busting volunteers and Community Car Drivers. Volunteering for HVC is always rewarding, sometimes hilarious and never dull. We

have some wonderful service users and passengers and you will get great support from our staff team. We were overwhelmed to

be presented with a cheque from the Seniors Captain at Halesworth Golf Club at their AGM. Rob Sherington and his Senior players including two of our drivers John and David have raised £1900 for HVC, a fantastic amount. We will use this donation to keep on Isolation Busting, our fantastic project that supports people who live alone and to support our Car Service.

Lawrence Tree Services

Tree Pruning Reductions, Felling, Stump grinding,

wood chips supplied Fully insured. NPTC trained staff

Telephone 01986 875036 or 07768 181315

Tim Harrison's Tree Services Est 2000

C & G Qualified Tree Surgeon Fully Insured

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. .

General garden maintenance including grass cutting, hedge trimming, weeding, planting and fence painting.

Local • Trustworthy • Reliable Based in Halesworth 01986 874966

• Consultation • Design service • Planting plans • Restoration

CALL: 07557132809 0387286

Thanks so much, gentlemen, you are amazing. We were also really thrilled

to receive a very generous donation from the Warehams. They held a fantastic New Year's Eve party and we were their chosen charity on the night. It is so lovely to be supported in this way. Huge thanks to everyone who attended the do and gave so generously. The popular Sociable Soup

event at Rumburgh Village Hall is on Monday 4th february from 12.15pm - 2pm and is open to anyone who may live alone and feel isolated, or anyone who would just like to get out and socialise. You are invited to mingle and chat over a bowl of delicious homemade soup and bread, followed by a tasty dessert! There is no charge for the lunch but donations towards the Village Hall fund would be welcomed. HVC are providing transport, free of charge. If you would like to book transport please call 01986 874290. We also started the year with

the news that we had received some funding for an exciting new project. We will be telling you more about this next month.

Remember, if you or someone you know could do with a bit of help and support, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01986 875600.


IT'S cold! Spare a thought for older people living alone, espe- cially those with dementia who often won't realise they are too cold. A difficult time of the year for many. We are continually receiving

new referrals needing our help with advice and support, we are also able to offer respite care - a few hours each week to give a family carer a break. With funds being limited we are only able to offer a short break - we wish we could give more. following the death of the

lovely Betty Hatcher we have been given over £1,100 from funeral donations. We thank the family and friends for their gen- erosity and kindness. Our latest film 'Mamma Mia!

- Here We Go Again' was a suc- cess and enjoyed by everyone. Thank you everyone who sup- ported us and for the donation of raffle prizes - we are always seeking good prizes. If anyone has something they would like to donate for the raffle, please telephone Dave and Jackie Rich on 01986 875444. Thank you, too, to Jill for her lovely hand- made cards. Every penny comes to us.

Our next film on March 20th

will be the Oscar-nominated biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' about freddie Mercury and Queen. More details next month. Our Dementia Support Work-

er from the Alzheimer's Society Alice Sparksman, is here to help with any advice and support re- garding memory loss and asso- ciated challenges. She is at Cut- lers Hill surgery on Tuesdays - do call in and see her. Alice also supports the Carers group who meet once a month. We are planning a Carers Day

in partnership with Halesworth Volunteer Centre - save the date Thursday 25th April, to be held at The Cut, between 10am and 6.30pm. This drop in day will be open to all Carers, there will be workshops and information helpful to anyone who cares for somebody else. There will be a focus on dementia too. More details next month. The evenings are getting lighter but roll on summer. We hope all our readers and supporters are keeping well (and warm!)

Paddy Flegg Publicity

News from Halesworth Community Church January 2019

WE met as a church on New Year’s Eve for fellowship, sharing, and hearing God together for the coming year. It was an important time as we looked back with gratitude for the past year and all that had been accomplished and looked forward to all that God has for us in 2019. As we wrote in the New Year article for 2019, we can go forward with certainty in an uncertain world. This is proving to be a

busy month with preparation for forthcoming courses. We have taken the unusual step of putting on an extra course in february as we had an overflow from our Step One course last November. Part of the feedback from the November course was, ‘One of the most valuable and insightful courses I have ever been on.’ If you would like to attend, please visit the website

below for more information. It is always good to see people returning for the ongoing courses in the ‘Understanding Yourself’ series. March will see us hosting a Step Two and a Step four. Most people who attend keep in touch and there is constant testimony to the benefit of these courses in changed lives. Running courses is in addition to the ongoing work of the church of counselling. We don’t advertise but are kept busy by constant requests for help. There is more of a recognition today that bottling up issues isn’t the answer and that talking things through really does help. for more


please visit the website: www. halesworthcommunitychurch. org

John Sparkes



Offering your pets first class care and attention in top quality holiday accommodation


Fun-loving care guaranteed! Grooming also offered Wissett, Halesworth 01986 785264


Help to make a better life for you and your pet

Commercial work welcome • Suedes, Leathers, Sheepskins Horse rugs cleaned ad re-proofed

• Same day service washes and duvet cleaning • Dry cleaning and specialist cleaning Dry cleaning and specialist cleaning • Professional wedding dress service • Professional wedding dress service • Commercial work welcome • Suedes, Leathers, Sheepskins Horse rugs cleaned ad re-proofed


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1, Earsham Street, Bungay, NR35 1AE Find us on facebook

1, Earsham Street, Bungay, NR35 1AE Find us on facebook

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Paola van Dijk DVM, MSc, MRCVS Human/Pet Bond Practitioner

Living life with your pet can be a challenge. From time to time, you may need extra help and guidance that might not be available from a veterinary practice. As well as being a qualified vet, I also provide affordable consultations designed to help you get the most from life with your pet.

APPOINTMENTS in our Lowestoft Clinic HOME VISITS a one-to-one consultation with you and your pet

ONLINE CONSULTATIONby Skype, Zoom or Facetime

•Human/Pet Wellness •Behavioural Issues •Human/Pet Bonding •Fitness & Weight Management •Choosing the right pet for you •Quality of Life Assessment

&07376 209122

Van Dijk Veterinary Services Ltd Freemantle House, Freemantle Rd, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0EA

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