Digital Scotland 2019

At a time when the trust we place in digital is being undermined, when our wellbeing is challenged by technol- ogy’s pervasiveness, and questions arise over who is benefitting from the wealth it creates, Digital Scotland 2019 will be the national fo- rum in which to explore the impact of digital on peoples’ lives now and in the future. Te event will also

showcase examples of digital innovation in health, education, justice, the built envi- ronment, professional services, and Scotland’s key economic sectors. It will be the platform for central and local government to pinpoint progress in their digital transformation journeys and to map out the road ahead. In 2018, FutureScot

“Te network supports full com-

mercial use of IoT in Scotland and will help transform the potential for businesses and the public sec- tor to explore sensor and imaging applications, to pilot their ideas and then launch proven, sustain- able products and services into the global market. If we want every area to benefit from technologies

such as IoT - any business, any public or third sector organisation, any community - then it needs to be publicly supported.” For someone born on the cusp of

a technological revolution, does she regard predicting the future part of government? “Our job, in part, is to predict what the next big technol- ogy is, to make sure we are ready to

maximise how we can benefit. “But our principal job is to

make sure that we have the environment where invention, creation, and development hap- pens – here in Scotland. Where academia is working with busi- ness, which is working with the public sector – to be a location of invention.”l


Across the country there are problems public sector organisations would like solved. With budgets under pressure and increasing demand, the need for smart, efficient and effective products is ever greater.

The public sector is increasingly aware that innovation is a good way to create them. CivTech brings together

public sector expertise and private sector creativity to solve real problems, develop new products,

and deliver better, faster and easier services for everyone. Central to the approach is co-production with the citizen. Part of the Scottish

Government’s Digital Directorate, CivTech’s approach is already

helping transform public sector engagement with technology and innovation, delivering significant benefits to public services, and producing genuine uplifts for the Scottish economy.

welcomed more than 450 delegates, 50 speak- ers and 15 sponsors to the leading digital trans- formation conference in Scotland. In 2019, it will challenge government, business, and the digital technologies sector to evidence the positive outcomes of their work across public services and the economy.

Join FutureScot for its annual conference - on 30 May 2019 - in Glasgow at Strathclyde University’s Technology and Innovation Centre. FUTURESCOT | WINTER 2018 | 9

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