EY brings wavespace to the capital

Infusing digital innovation and technology into business is key in enabling Scotland’s future economic growth ambi- tions. As organisations get to grips with the continuous disruption, at an increasingly fast pace, EY is committed to supporting businesses across Scotland capitalise on the opportunities available. It is helping them explore and de- velop, in an agile manner, the solutions that will help them thrive in the transformative age and achieve their local and global ambitions. To support that commitment,

EY has over 100 technology specialists in Scotland, with plans to grow and has opened their new technology and innovation centre, wavespace, in Edinburgh. EY wavespace Edinburgh is part of a global network of growth and innova- tion centers that brings together EY’s multi-disciplinary business talents, unique capabilities and IP in a new state of the art, collaborative and interactive working environment. EY teams are support-

ing a diverse range of clients through digital transforma- tion projects across sectors and technologies, delivering fast paced impressive results for efficiency, service design, quality and improved customer experience. Including sup- porting Public Sector and Oil & Gas clients develop acceler- ated digital strategies, helping a shipping business transform its port efficiency, implement- ing Intelligent Automation to deliver business outcomes more effectively and providing insight through data driven innovation. “Technology is changing how

we live,” said a spokesperson. “At EY, we are embracing and adapting to change as we strive to build a better working world.”

Video games and robots take centre stage

Videogames, robots, and the future of design will be the focus of the V&A Dundee’s 2019 inter- national exhibition programme. Tere are an estimated 2.2

billion people who play video games worldwide, from com- muters on mobile phones to eSports professionals watched by tens of thousands of specta- tors. Te V&A will celebrate the design and culture of contempo- rary videogames in Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt, which will


run from 20 April to 8 September. It will be the first exhibition to

fully consider the complexity of videogames as one of the most important design fields of our time, said the organisers. From multi-million-dollar block-

buster titles to smaller independent games and the work of DIY artists from a hacker/maker culture, the exhibition explores current interna- tional debates as well as the creative contributions made to game culture by the players themselves.

Te V&A’s 2019 programme

will go on to examine the current boom in robotics with the exhibi- tion Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine which will run from 2 November 2019 to 23 February 2020. It will investigate the “science and fiction of robots” and looks at how they are chang- ing the world we live in. “Posing a series of provoca-

tive questions, it explores how popular culture has shaped our perception of robots and artificial

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