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For the past four years, has been reporting on the digital technologies sector in Scotland and how it is changing lives here and around the world. Tousands of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and public sector specialists engage daily with the website and our regular newsletters. Our associated conferences feature inspirational speakers, insightful case-studies, hands-on workshops, and healthy debate – drawing hundreds of delegates to each. Now, the magazine brings our

coverage to the 70,000 readers of Te Times Scotland. It also has an additional distribution through businesses, incubators, academia, local and central government. In this fast-moving world, print affords a way to pause and reflect on the implications of digital in our lives and to engage in a more enduring way. Tis edition features the first interview with the Scottish

Government’s minister for digital (who was born at the same time as the World Wide Web), the former chief technology officer of Skyscanner, who is building Scotland’s digital health platform, and the director of the UK’s national supercomputing centre. We also have ‘the Ones to Watch’ for 2019; the people, companies, and technologies that our expert panel has picked out as potentially transformative. Plus, thought-provoking views on

why every Scottish citizen should have a digital ID that they control, why business should embrace Brexit, and why the traditional notion of education should be challenged. If you enjoy what you find in this edition, head over to for more and sign-up to our twice- weekly newsletter. And keep a note in your diary for the 2019 editions of this quarterly magazine with Te Times Scotland; 30 March, 29 June, 28 September, and 20 December. l

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Spring BIM Cyber HealthTech Digital Cities

Summer EduTech Digital Scotland Investment

Autumn FinTech Blockchain PropTech

Winter Ones to Watch Justice FE & HE

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