In the digital age, ensuring your business’s data - and that of your clients - is secure must always be of paramount importance to any company. N-TrustIT - a Microsoft partner

- provide pro-active and robust IT support to businesses, ensuring that system security, data security and backup take priority, to ensure their clients can have peace of mind. Alan Moffat, founder of N-

TrustIT, says: “As more and more clients move to cloud-based solu- tions, we enable them to get the most out of these packages. “In terms of innovation within our


Founded by experienced architect Dr Hatice Ozhisar, HaticeXInterior is a young, multi-disciplinary interior design and architecture services firm based in Edinburgh, offering a bespoke online design service for both national and international clients. As part of the bespoke design

process, HaticeXInterior uses vari- ous software to provide a strong platform for design advice, 3D room visualisations, furniture lay- out, shopping services and project management, combined with a very personalised service. Hatice told us: “Technology is changing everything around us,


Construction or engineering companies looking to monitor the progress of a project and capture the build (or demolition) process over a matter of weeks or months can now do so with a long-term time lapse camera system. Time Lapse Scotland have a fleet of cameras across the country that film in 4k resolution, whilst their online image viewing portal allows project managers and investors to log in and view their projects at any time. Richard Patterson, director,

says: “We’re constantly develop- ing our long-term time lapse installation package. Our innova- tion comes from making ongoing

including the way we approach design. Innovative thinking and creative solutions are the key to achieving future success, along with following and adopting new technology and design tools.”

sector, there are changes happen- ing daily, so we ensure we’re always up on the latest technology and how this can benefit our clients.”


As owner of family-run pub the Mercat Grill, Graham Blaikie is always looking for ways to improve the experience for his customers - which led to the Mercat being the first pub in Scotland to install bus tracking screens! With the new screens, Graham has noticed his clientele seem more relaxed knowing they don’t have to rush out the door after a meal or hurry to finish their drinks; they can relax knowing exactly when their bus is due. So, what’s next? Graham says:

“We’re looking at things like high- tech cookers and equipment for the kitchen - but also systems that

Michael Cairns is the director of Celsius Plumbing & Heating; a reactive and planned maintenance plumbing and heating contractor serving private customers, businesses and letting agents in Edinburgh. He started to develop software

back in 2012 that would allow cus- tomers to benefit from real-time tracking (to track when an engineer is on the way), photographic job reports and live updates. Their software even allows

for automatic servicing appoint- ments, so customers never miss an annual service - vital if they want to keep their boiler warranty.


Due to recent budget cuts, public sector organisations such as schools and NHS Trusts are becoming more cost-sensitive when it comes to investing in new tech. Using innovative sourcing and

improvements to our bespoke software systems and hardware, which work alongside Canon’s range of professional cameras and lenses.”

refurbishment processes, Pure IT Refurbished has been helping public sector organisations save money on IT hardware for over eight years by providing tech that’s more reliable than new machines and at less than half the price. Their mission is to help or- ganisations throughout the UK increase their productivity by bringing advances in technology within reach of their budgets.

will allow customers to pay whilst sitting at the table.”


Michael says: “Communication

is so important; it’s part of our val- ues, along with consistency - which is why we have our software, and why we’re so successful.”

Bobby Mitchell, director, says:

“Our aim is to become the number one supplier of refurbished IT hard- ware to organisations throughout the UK.”


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