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AS THE population of Maid- stone, Malling and the Weald continues to grow, an estates strategy to ensure that GP prac- tices in west Kent are able to meet the growing demands placed on them has been devel- oped byNHSWestKentClinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG is responsible for es-

tate planning to ensure GP build- ings are fit for purpose, comply with national legislation, and are well utilised. At this stage it is looking at the period 2018/19 to 2022/23. Using information from the

councils’ Local Plans, the CCG has estimated that the population inMaidstone andMallingwill in- crease by about 24,000 in the next five years. GP practices in west Kent now

form part of seven clusters, in- cludingMaidstone Central (eight practices), Maidstone Wide (nine), Malling (five) and the Weald (11). The CCG has discussed the ex-

pected growth with every cluster and a number of priorities for premises have been identified that will informthe development ofmore detailed plans. The strategy says the key prior-

ities include: Maidstone Central cluster The College Practice (about

19,500 patients) is the largest. A survey carried out by NHS West Kent CCG highlighted that the main building and one of the branch sites are not suitable to support longer-term growth and a premises plan will need to be explored. Shepway Medical Centre will

require a premises plan (newsite) for the branch surgery at Grove Green. Aylesford Medical Centre will

require a development plan to ac- commodate further growth as the

current site cannot be extended. A new building for a GP sur-

gery is likely to be required to provide enough future capacity for this cluster. MaidstoneWide cluster The new Greensand Health

Centre has been given the green light to develop detailed plans for how it could replace two existing surgeries in Heath Road and Stockett Lane, Coxheath. These will be considered by the CCG. Headcorn surgery is only five

years old and future growth should be accommodated in space that is not currently used. Len Valley Practice covers

Lenham and Harrietsham-wide andwill need a development plan covering the main and branch sites. A plan is needed for significant

growth in Langley and Sutton Road. Thiswill be developedwith interested practices in the area. Malling cluster Phoenix Medical Practice in

Burham has been given the go- ahead to develop detailed plans for how it could accommodate growth inWouldhamand the fu- ture strategic site at Eccles. These will be considered by the CCG. A premises development plan

will be needed to accommodate growth in Kings Hill and West Malling. Both West Malling Group Practice andWateringbury Surgery have signalled an inten- tion to support growth in this area. In the short term, changes at Kings Hill premises will create one additional clinical room. Reconfiguration at the main

Wateringbury Surgery and branch siteswill allowcreation of additional clinical rooms. In the longer term, premises at themain site could be considered for ex- pansion. ThornhillsMedical Practice has signalled its intention to support

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30 Maidstone January 2019

growth in the East Malling area. A development plan to provide capacity through reconfiguration of existing premises will be con- sidered. A review of capacity at Snod-

land Medical Centre should be undertaken to ensure growth from existing developments can be accommodated in the current building. Weald cluster Priorities for the Maidstone

area of the Weald include devel- oping a plan forMardenMedical Centre. Staplehurst Health Centre can

accommodate growth and a re- view will be undertaken to sup- port increased utilisation. Yalding Surgery can accommo-

date expected growth from the immediate area. Consideration will be given to the potential im- pact of growth from existing de- velopments in PaddockWood. Premises development propos-

alswill need to demonstrate how they can facilitate wider efficien- cies and opportunities, including maximising digital technology to assist patient care. This should lead to fewer face-to-face consul- tations, better equipping patients to selfmanage and enablingmore preventative care.

Vasectomy plan THE CCG will wait for more in- formation about safeguards forpa- tients before taking a decision about whether to continue with a request toGPs not to refer patients forNHS-fundedvasectomy proce- dures and reversals.

Cancer strategy A KEY responsibility of a joint committee likely to be formed by all CCGs across Kent will be en- suring robust plans to deliver the National Cancer Strategy, includ- ing prevention, awareness and screening; and early diagnosis.

Fracture care A FRACTURE liaison service is in the pipeline forWestKent to iden- tify investigate and initiate treat- ment and care for eligible patients over the age of 50. One aimis to re- duce the risk of falls and fractures.

Staffing crisis WORKFORCE shortages, remain the greatest challenge to the local hospitals’ board. The workload of hospital doctors is running at 175%, significantly higher than other comparable hospital trusts.

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