Readers say no second EUpoll

DOWNS Mail readers have re- jectedthe idea of a secondEUref- erendum by a massive margin in an online poll. With the biggest ever response to

a survey, our respondents voted 59%to 40%against a re-run of the 2016 poll. Former Ukip leader and Brexi-

teer Nigel Farage said the result showed “absolutely no demand” to put the EU question to the British people ahead of our depar- ture fromthe union nextMarch. On September 21, we asked

readers of the Daily Downs Mail website: “With less than six months until we leave the Euro- pean Union and the PrimeMinis- ter’s exit strategy stalled, do you believe that we should have a sec- ond referendum?” Mr Farage, who is still an MEP

and vice chairman of the Leave Means Leave pressure group, told DownsMail: “As your poll amply illustrates, there is absolutely no

demand for a second referendum. “If therewas to be one, itwould

lead to a catastrophic breakdown in trust for thedemocratic system.” When the result of the 2016 poll

became clear, Mr Farage declared June 23 as “our independenceday”. Atotal of 1,244 voteswere cast in

theDownsMail poll,with 739 say- ing no to a secondreferendumand 496 saying yes. Nine voters claimed to be unsure. The issue prompted debate on

socialmediawhen it firstwent live. John Barrettwrote on Facebook:

“I would have preferred sensible negotiations leading to a sensible deal, but given the potential dire outcome, particularly in our area, I’d say itmakes sense to either ex- tend talks or ask the public to vote on the final deal.” PrimeMinister TheresaMay has

consistently ruledout anypossibil- ity of a secondreferendum, having declared such amove as a betrayal of democracy and trust.

Park’s history in print

SO YOU think you know a lot about ourmagnificentMote Park? I did too, until I read the newbook “Mote Park’s Story” by Penenden Heath writer Robin Ambrose and co-author Simon Ginnaw. This is Robin’s sixth Maidstone

book, following on fromBoxley, Pe- nenden Heath, Sandling, Boxley Memories

and Vin-

ters/Weaving/Grove Green – and potentially the highest profile. Mote Park was home to signifi-

cant families back to 1200 and im- portant Maidstone history of the last 400 years or so is closely linked


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to the park. It is fascinating his- tory too. The 23 well-illustrated chapters

in about 140 pages look at the wonderful buildings, their promi- nent residents, big events (county shows, royal visits, military re- views, theWorldWars), leisure ac- tivities and the Len,


landscapes and wildlife. It records how the park has shrunk and ex- panded over themany years. “Mote Park’s Stories” is available

from Waterstones, Maidstone, at £8.99.

Review by Dennis Fowle 01233 660 099

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