orderForm.noItems GlendaGoldfinch

GLENDAJoyceGoldfinch (77),who lived in the Boxley Road area,was known for years of involvement in theMaidstone Beauvais TwinningAssociation (MBTA). FellowmemberMichael Yates noted:

“Glenda and her husband took steps to revitalize theMBTA in the 1980s and led many activities involving youth groups.” Glenda joined the

MBTAin 1991.Her husbandNigel served as its treasurer and shewent on to chair the association.

Glenda’s chairmanship lasted fromthe

mid-90s until a fewyears ago,when ill health forced her to curtail her activities. She continued to lead the group after

her husband’s death. She showed a strong commitment to the

association, especiallywhenMaidstone Borough Council decided to restrict funding to the twinning association. Glenda helped the association develop its constitution before she retired through ill health.Acontingent fromBeauvais a�ended her funeral. Michael Yates said: “Glenda continued

her involvement in theMBTA, despite medical problems. Shewas central to many parts of organising the links.” Glenda,whowas fromthe Canterbury

area, leaves four sons, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Debs Pryer

DEBORAH“Debs” Pryer (60) lived locally fromthe age of 13,most recently near Oakwood Park. She had also lived on Wheeler Street, in LombardHouse and inDover Street. She a�ended

InvictaGrammar School and later worked as a trainee cook at the Cheshire Home inMote Park,

beforeworking in pubs. Debs and her first husbandGrahame

had daughter Jaime. She latermarried Martin and becamemother to Rose. She went towork for Trading Standards in 1989, beforemoving to KCC’s communications section at CountyHall, where shemanaged a newsle�er and communicationswork. Following a redundancy,Debs became a communications consultant andworked at the Blackthorn Trust in its restaurant before giving cookery lessons. Husband of 15 yearsHoward said: “The

messageswe’ve hadmention howshe enriched the lives of others,was dynamic, loving and thoughtful. She livedwith cancer for the final 10 years of her life, but maintained that spirit.” Debs leaves her husband, daughters and

grandchildrenHarry, Blake,William, Lilly and Finley,with another grandchild expected inDecember.

Daphne Letchford

DAPHNE Letchford (93), an only child, grewup inMaidstone and lived inMote Avenue for 63 years. She a�ended StMichael’s School and

was one of the first pupils at the Technical High School, now known as Invicta Grammar School. She went toGirls Junior Commercial School and later taught shorthand and worked for KCC. Daphnemarried

Donald Letchford in August 1949.Hewas a teacher at

Westborough School andDaphne later helped himin the running of theAdult Education there and atAstor ofHever. She enjoyed adult education classes

herself, including yoga and English, taking amodernGCSE and later ten pin bowling and learning to swim. She had a great love of animals, and passers-bywere often amazed at the goats in her front garden. Daphne,whowaswidowed, leaves her

four children, Jill, Carol, Sheila and Ian and eight grandchildren.

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26 Maidstone January 2019 GeorgeMathews

GEORGE JamesMathews (90) lived in the local area almost all of his life, for the last 44 years in Barming and previously near Mote Park and inMaidstone. His only significant absence camewith

18months ofNational Service serving in Egyptwith the RoyalAir Force. His educationwasmainly at Loose

School andMaidstoneGrammar School and afterNational Service,George joined the office at the Fremlins Brewery, going on to serve 44 yearswith the company, into the periodwhen the Whitbread brewing giant took it over. George put himself

through night school to earn the qualifications to become a surveyor.He worked in surveying for the brewery company, visiting pubs and dealingwith a range of structural issues, until he retired. Georgewasmarried toNora for 65 years andwas father to Linda. Nora said: “Georgewas a quietmanwho

loved gardening and really loved his sport. In his younger days, he played cricket for theKing StreetChurch YouthClub.He was also amember of BearstedGolfClub and one of the longest standing supporters ofMaidstoneUnited.He became a supporter in his teens and a�ended games right up to the current season. “He had season tickets formany years

and had stayedwith themduring the periodwhen theywere ground-sharing. “Hewaswell-liked.Despiteworking for

a brewery chain for somany years hewas teetotal and never drank beer in his life.” George leaves hiswife, daughter,

grandchildrenDavid and Jennifer and great-granddaughters Isobel and Imogen.

Stanley Sunnucks

FORMER colleagues in the Kent MessengerGroup have paid tribute to Stanley “Stan” Sunnocks (92), of BrockenhurstAvenue,whoworked for the Boorman family formore than 50 years. Heworked atMaidstone Engravers

prior to joining the camera department of the KentMessenger at Larkfield. Stan served in the RAF duringWWII.

Stan’s work at the KentMessenger involvedmaking negatives for plate and processing film. Hewasmarried toDorothy for 62 years.

In his later years, he remained independent and in his final yearwas still driving and cu�ing his own lawn. His son-in-law, Brendan Pey, said: “He

had a broad circle of friends andwas very well respected in the community.” Stan leaves hiswife, daughter Carol, son

Grahame and grandchildrenHelen, Anthony, Conor andNiamh.

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