Arrested for doorstep‘con’

TWO men have been arrested after officers investigated alleged rogue traders targeting vulnera- ble people inMaidstone. Police are linking the suspects

to allegations that thousands of pounds were allegedly stolen from one victim in London Road, Maidstone, for unnecessary work to his driveway. Theman,whohas some learning

difficulties, paid money up front andwas later conned out of £3,000 more.Bank staff became concerned and raised the alarm when they tried a third time to take cash from his account. On October 18, it is alleged the

victim was targeted again but a friend intervened and prevented himbeing scammed again. On November 26, officers ar-

rested a 29-year-old man from Knockholt on suspicion of fraud. The following day, a 38-year-old

man fromHeadcorn was detained for the same offence. Anyonewith informationwhich

may assist the investigation is asked to call 01622 604100, quot- ing reference 46/SI/YY/5570/18.

Mother blew illegal benefits on ‘luxuries’

AMAIDSTONEmother of three blew more than £15,000 of tax- payers’ money by dishonestly claiming benefits, a court heard. Leicy Flisher (29), of Plains Av-

enue, told the court she had re- questedthe government hand-outs after her heavy drinking former partner paid little or no child care. However, the court heard that

Flisher (pictured left) was still maintaining a common household with Mr Kemp, and had instead splashed £15,500 of benefits to which she was not entitled on “luxuries”. Prosecutor James Nichols told

the court that during the course of 2015 and 2016, Flisher had wrongly claimed housing bene- fits, income support and job seeker’s allowances. The court heard that Flisherwas

co-habiting with the partner but when he left the property, her zero-hour contract as a care assis- tant was insufficient to cover the

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cost of bringing up their young children. Defending, Jag Takk toldMaid-

stoneMagistrates Court that until this point, Flisher had also been defending herself in trial, and this was the reason she had been found guilty of “absolutely every- thing” in previous court hearings. However, chairman of the

bench, Alan Austen replied: “We arewell past that now.” At a previous hearing, Flisher

had pleaded not guilty tomaking false statements toMaidstone Bor- ough Council. She was found guilty and appeared before mag- istrates on November 9 for sen- tence. Sentencing her, Mr Austen told

her: “This was a great deal of money, publicmoney,which you stole for various luxury items.” Flisher was found guilty of all

four counts of benefit fraud, and was sentenced to a 12-month sus- pended sentence.

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