News InspiringRotarianswin award

A RESPECTED cancer charity has recognised thework of Rotarianswith a special award. Cancer Research UK awarded

the Rotary Club of the Weald of Kent a commendation as one of its four most valued community groups in the country. The Flame of Hope award was

presented by the charity to presi- dent Chris Jesson, on November 13.

RotaryClub received the award

for its annualNorth DownsWalk which has raised over £270,000 for Cancer Research UK to date. This year, the club welcomed

451walkers and raised £14,400 for Cancer ResearchUK. The presen- tation evening, held at theWeald of Kent Golf Club, recognised the group’s key supporters aswell as announcing the total raised this year. Lynette Farley,

fundraising manager, said: “This group is

Leading breast cancer surgeon

gives free talk A LEADING specialist in breast cancer is giving a free talk to local women and men about catching the disease early. Mrs Ritchie Chalmers, a con-

sultant oncoplastic breast sur- geon, is giving an interactive talk at Genesis at 17 Kings Hill Ave, KingsHill,WestMalling on Jan- uary 22 at 7pm. Mrs Chalmersworks as part of

the breast care teamatMaidstone &TunbridgeWellsNHSTrust, as well as having a private practice at the Nuffield Hospital and The Spire Hospital, Tunbridge Wells. In addition to this, she teaches trainee surgeons,GP trainees and on courses at theRoyalCollege of Surgeons in London. As part of this important talk

she will discuss the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, what to look out for and howto do that all important self examination. Questions posedwill be: Is it a breast lump you can feel

or just a lumpy breast? How do you make sure you’ve

notmissed something? Is a painful breast something to

worry about? The aimwill be to answer these

questions andmore including the use ofmodel breastswith abnor- mal signs to help improve confi- dence with self-examination.

14 Maidstone January 2019

truly inspiring. They give up many hours of their time to or- ganise the fantasticNorthDowns Walk, raising funds to help us beat cancer sooner. As a charity, we wanted to recognise their in-

credible hard work and dedica- tion. “We don’t get any government

funding, so every penny raised by groups like the RotaryClub of the Weald of Kent really doesmake a

huge difference. Survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years, and this is all thanks to amazing supporters like this group and theirwalkers.” Mr Jesson said: “We’re de-

lighted to have received this com- mendation. Many of our members have been involved in organising the walk for 34 years now, andwe are really touched to receive such recognition.” The group is currently making

plans for the 35th North Downs Walk on Sunday, June 9, starting at Harrietshamvillage hall. For further information about

the North Downs Walk, visit ndwalk.html Formore info about Cancer Research UK’s work or to find out howto support the char- ity, visit

Good rating for home care agency

AN AGENCY providing home care for thosewith physical and learning disabilities, including dementia, has earned aGood grade fromthe Care Quality Commission. TheCQCteamgaveanacross-the-

board rating of good for each of the five criteriajudgedintheannounced inspection – the first for Kare Plus Maidstone, inMill Street, since it reg- istered in September 2017. This was in spite of some feed-

back fromusers that calls had been late. The inspector noted:


provider had acted on this feedback and was implementing a new elec-

tronic care system to improve the monitoring of late ormissed calls.” On the day of the inspection, 17

people were receiving assistance in their home with personal hygiene and eating. The inspector noted there was clear guidance for staff on how to

support people with their needs in theway the personwanted. Peoplewere treatedwith kindness

and staffwere caring and respectful andthe servicehadreceivedpositive feedback from other health profes- sionals, relatives, staff and people The report stated: “There was a

person-centred culture and the managers and staff knew the peo- ple they cared for well. People and relatives were involved with their care and staff respected people's need for privacy and dignity. “Confidential information was

kept secure and people’s independ- encewas promoted.”

Sex offender had banned tablet

A CHILD sex offender who made and kept indecent images of children was arrested after po- lice recovered a tablet device in his possession, a court heard. Diosada Tibayon Manalo (56),

of Randall Street, Maidstone, ap- peared at the town’s magistrates court for breaking his sexual of- fences’ prevention order, issued back in 2014. Manalo was convicted four

years ago of being in possession of indecent images of children and alsomaking them. He was also found guilty of a

sexual assault on a girl under the age of 13 and engaging in sexual

activitywith aminor. Because of the seriousness of

the charges, Manalo was prohib- ited from using any kind of de- vice which could store or save images, unless he registers them with the police. Prosecuting, JamesNichols told

the court that onMarch 22, police went on an unannounced visit and arrestedManalo after discov- ering a BTC Flame Tablet. Manalo later admitted to police

he had failed to comply with his order, and knew exactly what he was doing as he was still on li- cence for his previous sentence, whilst also being on the sex of-

fenders’ register. Defending, Hugh Roberts told

the court that Manalo accepts he is in breach of his previous con- victions, and pleaded guilty to being in possession of the tablet. Mr Nichols told the court that

Manalomade these “very deliber- ate actions” as he was well aware of the conditions of his allowance with these devices and that there was “a very high risk of harm” and a danger of him committing category 2 offences. He added: “You really cannot

say there is no risk.” Manalo was sent to Maidstone Crown Court for sentencing.

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