Business Focus What does the executor of a will do?

Most of us are executors of wills and don’t know it. If your parents are still alive or you have a spouse or partner, the chances are you are named as an executor. What has

become obvious in the last 2 or 3 years is that the executor’s job has become much more difficult because we do so much online now. So what does the executor do?

1 Register the death. Not necessarily the executor’s job but usually done by the same person. Remember to ask the registrar about the ‘Tell us once’ service. This saves a huge amount of time by automatically informing all government and local authority departments.

2 Arrange the funeral. There might be reference to funeral arrangements in the will. It is so much easier if you know what is wanted or if the funeral has already been purchased through one of the increasingly popular per-paid funeral plans that are available. Camrass Wills can help with these.

3 Inform everybody. This is helped by ‘Tell us once’ but it is the start of the online problem.

4 Value all the assets and apply for probate. Not all estates need probate but most do. Often you can do this yourself but if you need help, shop around and get quotes from probate specialists or solicitors – the price varies a lot. Where there are paper records, finding

out what the deceased owned is easy. However, if there are online accounts, how will you know? Has the deceased left a list of online accounts? Can you access them online? Closing accounts, claiming any financial benefit or downloading items of personal significance like photographs can be extremely challenging for the executor.

5 Distribute the estate. If inheritance tax is due this has to be paid first and then the estate is distributed according to the will or, if no will, according to the laws of intestacy. Keep all your records and draw up estate accounts.

6 How can Camrass Wills help? As well as helping with any aspect of wills and probate, we now offer an ideal solution for securely recording all the information including online accounts. Have a look at our new web site,

For Wills, Probate, Powers of attorney & Funeral plans Phone Camrass Wills to book a free initial consultation.

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Michael Lawrence, and his son Robert along with Kim and Angela, are the team behind a family-owned funeral service that has been helping families across the Maidstone area for 40 years.

With offices in Bearsted and Barming, Family Funeral Service is a third generation business, experienced in caring for your needs with commitment and understanding.

At such a stressful time, they know it’s important to sit and talk to you about every detail and to assist you in making the often

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difficult decisions about how best to remember a loved one and to meet their personal wishes. With so many years’ experience, Family

Funeral Service has learned how to respond to the specific and different needs of every individual facing one of the toughest times in their life. This personalised approach includes the option of home visits and access to a friendly voice at the end of the phone around the clock, as well as personal support to clients through the bereavement process.

Michael Lawrence said: "The loss of a loved

one is never easy to cope with, and the added stress of making arrangements for the service can often bring further emotional upset. With our experience of making funeral arrangements we have learned how to help families have and be part of a unique and meaningful service that

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celebrates life. "Our approach is simple. We sit with you in our

office or your home, taking you slowly and methodically through the various decisions that you will face and the options available to you. Sometimes, it’s just good to sit and talk, and to learn about the services and venues available from someone with experience and compassion before making a decision.”

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