With sound logistics you can go anywhere

Relations Aid in Namibia, she leads a small group of women tracking desert elephants.

Next Spring she will be leading her first Mother & Daughter Adventure. It will be a very personal one because she will have her own daughter – now aged 12 – at her side. This is just one of four expeditions she will lead next year.

accountable, explains Catherine. “We are so separated now and being a mother is quite isolating.”

Time to make a change

It was at this point – feeling confined to the house with two small children and a large part of what had been her identity left behind – that her brother’s card arrived. In a typically positive approach, Catherine took it as a sign to make a change.

Over the next few years, Catherine found ways to introduce travel back into her life. The family took increasingly adventurous holidays such as trekking and diving. Ultimately she was determined to find a way that she could return to the travel industry as a working mother. To do so she had to embark on a very different journey – setting up her own business.

“It came about really as an idea – the idea of leading expeditions

again and finding a way for women to re-connect. The idea ran faster than the business and I just had to learn as I went along. I got very good at problem solving and I had a great support network,” she admits.

Her determination paid off three years ago when she led her first Matriarch expedition. Working with the charity Elephant Human

Catherine admits that travel hasn’t been the easiest choice of career for a working parent. She is lucky enough to have supportive husband and family. Grandparents have been able to pitch in with childcare and there is a lot of juggling. But she makes it work because it is her passion.

Sound logistics

The same determination which drove her to explore the world, fuelled her business. What she lacked in commercial experience, she was able to access through good mentors, an ability to learn on the job and good planning. “With sound logistics you can go anywhere,” says Catherine. It is clear that she means both in life and in business.

Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find the real you – even if the journey begins and ends in Kingston.


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