Food Scanner

Healthy families have more fun

Modern life can mean our families are a lot less active and a lot more likely to eat food that isn’t good for them. But Change4Life is here to help you make small changes that can make a big difference.

What’s in our family’s food? We wouldn’t let our kids eat sugar from the sugar bowl or salt from the salt shaker. But we tend not to think about the sugar, salt and saturated fat in other things they eat and drink. And that means our kids are eating way too much of them.

Did you know? Children in the UK are consuming nearly 3 times more sugar than the maximum daily recommendation.

That’s why Change4Life has developed the Food Scanner app. It lets families see what’s in their food and drinks, simply by scanning the barcode. Download the free app today from iTunes or Google Play.

Time to get moving? Most children are not as active as they should be – and that’s not great for their little bodies. Being active keeps their heart, bones and weight healthy, and it makes them feel good too!

Did you know? Children need to do 60 minutes of physical activity – the kind that gets their hearts beating faster – every day.

Doing 10-minute bursts of activity is an easy way to help them get moving – just check out the 10 Minute Shake Up games on the Change4Life website if you need inspiration. You’ll also find ideas for kids to have fun, indoors or out, rain or shine!

For tips on how to eat well and move more, search Change4Life.

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