Rivers and streams are home to a multitude of animals such as kingfishers, brown trout and otters, as well as many other species of fish, invertebrates, birds and mammals. We are lucky enough to have some great local rivers where we can see this up close.

Rivers, and the underground reserves that feed them, also provide us with freshwater, and water is vital to everything we do.

With society and wildlife depending on rivers, it is vital we keep them healthy. This is what we aim to do at the South East Rivers Trust (SERT).

SERT is a grassroots environmental charity with a vision to achieve healthy river ecosystems, for all, across the south east of England.

DID YOU KNOW? • In London there are more than 600 km of rivers – roughly the distance between Brighton and Edinburgh.

• The Wandle and Hogsmill are chalkstream rivers, a seriously threatened habitat, with only 200 remaining worldwide.

• The Wandle was once the hardest worked river for its size, with 90 mills along its length.

The Trust works with local communities and organisations to tackle the pressures on rivers and restore their habitats for wildlife.

Schools along the Wandle, Hogsmill and Beverley Brook can book sessions through SERT’s education programme, Project Kingfisher. This offers outdoor classes and assemblies where children can learn more about their local river, its history, wildlife and the role we can all play in protecting rivers.

If you would like more information contact the education team at or call 07468 529312

REPORT IT! If you spot a pollution

incident, report it to the Environment Agency.

0800 807060

Connect Right Pollution can be caused

by bad plumbing. Look at to check your house is connected correctly.

Save Water The less water we

use the more water will be left in the river. Keep the fish swimming and cut down your usage.

Natural Drains

Keeping roadsides and parking areas natural means that polluted

surface water is filtered before entering the river.

Clean with Care Use eco-friendly

detergents with reduced phosphates to reduce chemicals reaching our river.

Dispose with Care Don’t put fats or oils

down the sink or outside drain. Mop them up with kitchen roll and dispose of them in the waste bin.


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