relaxation and focused concentration, uses your powerful subconscious mind to assist you in achieving your goals. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective for weight loss; smoking cessation; reducing or eliminat- ing pain, fears and phobias; creating a fear- free, more comfortable childbirth and over- coming limitations to find peace and balance in one's life. See ad page 26.


1403 Sunset Dr., Suite B, Greensboro 336-275-0702

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is an integrated form of hypnosis that combines mind, body and spirit. You are gently guided to a deep relaxing alpha state so you can begin to achieve your goals using the power of your subconscious mind. You can begin to over- come unwanted habits like nail biting, to- bacco smoking, mindless overeating, lack of focus, hair pulling, teeth grinding, outbursts of anger and more. Many positive habits can be instilled like self-confidence, self-esteem, public speaking, sports performance, rela- tionship skills, self-control, exercise, peaceful sleep, motivation, relaxation and weight management. Hypnosis can help with finding lost objects, wellness, concentration, pain management, sales skills, body image, fears, situational stress and grief management. On the spiritual side, mindful meditation, past life regression and Dr. Newtons’ Life Be- tween Lives work can help you discover your truth for being here and help you attain a true peace within yourself. See ad page 14.


NATUROPATHIC HEALTH CLINIC OF NC & METABOLIC EFFECT 2522 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem 336-724-4452

Keoni Teta, ND, LAc, CSCS, Jillian Sarno Teta, ND. Helping individuals & families optimize wellness with comprehensive science-based healthcare. We utilize natural therapies—functional nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, functional exercise, botanical & environmental medicine—that treat the cause of disease, rather than just managing symptoms.

TRIAD NATURAL HEALTH CENTER 214 E. Mountain St., Ste 105, Kernersville. 336-655-2832 Dr. Aimee Sheppard, ND, MsOM, LAc

Dr. Sheppard is a graduate of Bastyr Uni- versity and a Washington state licensed naturopathic physician, and a NC licensed acupuncturist. Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine embrace balance in the BodyMind- Spirit through diet, lifestyle, herbal therapies, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture

and naturopathic and Chinese physical therapeutics. Achieving balance promotes health and wellness in the BodyMindSpirit.


A VIEW TO YOUR HEALTH, PHMA Dale Kanterman, BCND 2309 W. Cone Blvd., Ste 20, Greensboro 336-763-2459

A wide range of programs to address: smok- ing cessation, low energy, thyroid dysfunc- tion, brain fog, emotional imbalances, weight loss, sugar control and much more! AVTYH utilizes body chemistry testing for nutritional needs, men and woman’s hor- mone and gut issues. We are trained with tongue, nail, sclerology, and foot glyphology analysis for indications of the inner terrain, and use various technologies to assist. See ad on page 17.

NATURAL PATH Jill Clarey, ND, MH, CNHP, NHC 3723 W. Market St., Unit B - Greensboro 336-456-4743

In practice since 1990, Jill utilizes several modalities to determine the health of body tissues including Iridology, Dried blood cell analysis, Reams testing, pH balancing, neu- rotransmitter and hormone evaluations, and flower remedies. She looks at medications each client takes to be aware of contraindi- cations and depletions. She customizes diet & lifestyle changes based on imbalances found and teaches you how to read labels when shopping for healthy eating. See ad page 33.


FORSYTH INTEGRATIVE THERAPY Marcelle Hammer, MA Ed.,CMS-CHT 1495 Rymco Drive, Suite 106 Winston-Salem, NC

Offering treatment for pain relief with your choice of 2 modalities – Hypnotherapy and Ortho-Bionomy. Research studies show that


medical hypnotherapy is effective in easing or eliminating acute and chronic pain. Hyp- nosis is a natural phenomenon of deep re- laxation and focused concentration using the subconscious mind to change the fear-ten- sion-pain cycle to comfort, peace and relax- ation. Ortho-Bionomy is a body therapy that reduces muscle tension, soothes joints, in- creases flexibility and range of motion bring- ing an experience of deep relaxation. The session is done within the range of comfort & is highly effective in relieving acute or chronic pain. Release often continues after the session has ended. See ad page 26.

INTEGRATIVE PAIN MEDICINE Mitchell J. Bloom, MD 7E Oak Branch Drive, Greensboro 336-944-9400

Helping to eliminate pain by regenerating and repairing its underlying cause using Regenerative and Integrative Medicine. We combine the best of traditional western medicine with natural, state of the art medical treatments that have long lasting results and a success rate of 80-90% accord- ing to published studies. Most patients see some results after only 1-3 treatments. Please visit our website for more information. See ad on page 31.


TRIAD HEALTH CENTER Dr. Jonathan Orton, MD, Joy Peterson, PA Dr. David Schwartz, DC, Dr. Everett Tucker, DC - 2311 W Cone Blvd #228, Greensboro 336-288-4677

Offering pain relief treatment for knees, spine, joints, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, neuropathy, and more. Holistic and natural treatment methods, including Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Rehabilitation Therapy, Regenerative Joint Therapy, and Amniotic Stem Cell treatment. We believe optimal health comes from pre- ventative and regenerative health care. We dedicate our practice to educating people of all ages how to live healthy lives, free from pain and illness. See ad on page 3.

Neurotransmitter testing • Hormone testing for men and women Dried blood cell analysis • Ream's testing • Ear coning • Iridology Allergy testing • Diet and Lifestyle evaluation

And, free 30-minute introduction visits!

3723 West Market Street, Unit B • Greensboro 27403 336.456.4743 •

NOVEMBER 2018 33


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