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The Holiday Market With Upbeat Times & More!

by Ellie Schmidt of Santa Rosa, CA. ~

oliday Markets have ex- isted in Europe since the middle ages, dating back

to 1434 in Dresden, famous for its cake called “Stol- len,” a kind of sweet bread filled with rai- sins and bits of can- died fruit, the whole loaf oſten bathed in a cinnamon-sugar cov- ering. Additional, popular holiday foods are gingerbread hearts and big, soſt pretzels. Hmmm. Maybe here at a market? Te First Annual Upbeat

Times Holiday Market in Santa Rosa, Nov 10, from 10 am to 7 pm, will take place at the Salva- tion Army Senior Events Center at 115 Pierce Street, thanks to Paul Doyle and his Upbeat Times combining with Carol Orr,


cheerful Senior Events Director. In conversation, Paul found out that the Pierce Street location is a separate, non-profit, non-de- nominational center, that can be rented. Tey decided to cre- ate a community- wide Holiday Market, 20th Century style, celebrating the Up- beat Times’ 20th An- niversary Year (shhh: Nov 10 is also Paul’s birthday! Hmm. Cake and ice cream, maybe?), and the in- creasing number of activities at the cen- ter’s location needing more funding. Ten percent of all sales will be donated to an official fund for the families still in need due to the fires. Tere also will be bins ready for donations such as Toys for Tots. Tell one and all. No admission

fee. Everyone is welcome to cre- ate a happy, festive day together. Meeting cheerful, friendly folks

and pulling together the commu- nity is a happy aim. Besides de- licious baked goods and giſts to buy: art works, handicraſts, many fun items, there will be music too! Please do catch the spirit and join in to help create a special, positive, truly meaningful first annual holiday event reflecting our universal desire for happiness and peace. One of the musicians

will be Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi, known

as Sandor, from “Small Congo,” an artist, dancer, choreographer and musician.

Congolese drumming at the cen- ter.

Watch for November’s Upbeat

Times with more information about the November 10th Holi- day Market.

Each year it can

be an event of community wide friendliness. You can help build

Sandor teaches

ers, he used 5,000 lights for his in- tricately laid out “Field of Light.” It was up and running from 2004 through 2005, enchanting all who wandered through the magically lighted nightscape.

An act of

trust in the public was the sign he put up: “Please turn the lights off when you’re finished.” He was invited to create a “Forest of Light” at the lush and mar- velous Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA in 2010, to the astonishment and delight of all who beheld it. His site specific instal- lations continue to dazzle the world. What a wonderful

view of this compli- cated world. Good, kind acts do light up

it. We all benefit from acts of random kindness. In the highly competitive art

world, a fine documentary last month introduced the works by British artist Bruce Munro. His unusual medium is “Light!” Ah, but his “lightscapes” are on a huge scale, to behold at night. In 2004, with the help of two young villag-

this difficult place on earth we call home. Oh, for Charlie Brown, each

and every one of his friends, and those visits to his pumpkin patch!

If you have not been to

the Schulz Museum lately, take a whole bunch of those you love to enjoy happy moments there re- discovering the enormous talent

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” ~ Paulo Coelho

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of Charles Schulz, Santa Rosa’s very special artist. Lucy will nev- ... continued on page 22

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • October 2018 • 5 Weird Facts & Trivia - 2

When honey is consumed, it will enter your bloodstream within 20 minutes.

The term pound cake originated from the pound of butter needed to make it.

Bubble gum flavor comes from the mixture of wintergreen, vanilla, and cassia (a type of cinnamon).

Popcorn has existed for about 6000 years.

The first hamburger was invented by Louis Lassen in 1900. He took some ground beef and broiled it, then served the patty in between toast.

To prevent bananas from turning brown, put them in the refrigerator. You may also squeeze lemon juice on apples and bananas to prevent oxidation.


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