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Musical Notes in Sonoma County The Super Powers of Dance!

shows virtually 365 days a year; oſt en multiple ones on any given date. Lori Rooney explains about the number of shows she at- tends per week to dance, “Min- imum of fi ve or six and it could be up to 12 to 15. Spring and summer, the availabil- ity of music is far greater than in the winter because, we have all the outdoor markets and festivals.” T e key is that Rooney is always dancing with


certain Sonoma County dancer may have super powers enabling her to attend

rare exception. She occasion- ally attends the symphony at “T e Green Music Center,” she remarks, “that is so gorgeous and the sound is so terrifi c in- side that you can personally

get more involved

with the artists on stage, you can feel their emo- tions.”


what Live Music means

to her, Rooney

instantly replies, “It’s church. Live music is everything.” She continues,


JOY Vibration! Joy Vibration Together!

Come in to raise your

that’s bothering me at the time, or

anything I’m going through, or if I need a pick-me-up, or if I want to get out of pain, I dance!” Rooney shares that she deals with chronic pain, “I had an accident in 1992 and have had eleven or- thopedic surgeries from that accident.”

Her pri- mary rem- edy, she ex- plains, “I dance and when you dance, something takes over you and the endorphins kick in and I don’t feel the pain.” T e benefi ts of dance, she says, are that it “basically it puts me in a great frame of mind. I can dance my day out.” She espouses about dancing, “It’s like internal magic.” Rooney grew up

in San Francisco and moved to the Town of Sonoma where she graduated from Sonoma Valley High School. She has had a long career in mixed media advertising including, radio

by Shekeyna Black •

sales starting in 1983 and later print pub- lications. Rooney is also a loving caregiver to her parents. She has

lived primarily in So- noma County. She loves the music of live bands and if

she had to

choose a few local favorites, Rooney lists in rapid succession,

“Soul Section, Soulshine,


Soul Fuse,” she contin- ues, “I love and R&B.

I like the Blues Defenders, T e Hots, T e Funky Dozen” and more

band names from around the Bay Area get added to the list, “Rockin’

Johnny Burgin, Ari- zona & T e Volun- teers, Used Goods, T e Humdingers, any band with Willy Jordan, Project 4 Band, there are a lot.”

Regarding local

venues, Rooney says, “Redwood

Ground Breaking at SRJC Public Safety Training Center

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ On Thurs- day, October 11, at 9:00 a.m., Santa

Rosa Junior College

(SRJC) will host a ground- breaking ceremony at its Pub- lic Safety Training Center in Windsor for a new multipur- pose building. This $5.7 mil- lion

project will provide a

much needed second multipur- pose room with support spaces totaling 7,355 square feet. The center’s existing multipurpose room is at maximum capacity, conducting classes all day, six days a week. The new multi- purpose building, one of the capital improvement projects of the District’s Measure H bond, will allow the center to expand its class offerings for brave men and women who are entering careers as police offi cers, fi refi ghters and emer- gency medical technicians. In March of this year, the

District awarded the project to design-builder JL


tion/WLC Architects with a fast-tracked schedule for de- sign and construction in thir- teen months. With the start of construction this October, the project remains on schedule for completion in mid-April 2019. CONTACT: Leigh Sata ~ Senior Director, Capitol Proj- ects, (707) 524-1704 offi ce Email:

California’s Hard Money Lender since 1988. Call Today If Interested: (707) 523-2099. See recent offerings on our website:

Cafe is becoming my favor- ite because the fl oor is great, the sound system is amazing and it’s just a really nice place to dance. I love the Penngrove Pub’s fl oor. Every Monday night, I will never miss Twin Oaks for the Blues Jam with the Blues Defenders (where) every other week guests (musicians) come in off the road, com- ing back from a tour. T ey get some great guests,” she muses. Rooney’s philosophy, “Give me ten minutes on the dance fl oor, two songs and I’m smiling!”

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