The Verbal Commute


hank goodness there are some changes that happen fairly slow. It

gives one the opportunity to adjust. But recently, I’ve had to make decisions to make that will change the size of the paper. It’s because of the in- crease to the cost of pa- per here in the USA. Prices have

skyrocketed through

the roof because of tariffs between Canada & the United States. I will not complain...I will adjust(it’s the Upbeat way)! So, what I’ve done, instead of rasing the prices for advertisers and for people who subscribe is: We’ve taken 3/4 of an inch off the paper lengthwise. Te width will remain the same. We did not have a choice. In addition to the

cost for

paper, printers around the country are downsizing their printing machinery. We automatically have to change the print size also. We have not raised ad

prices in over 10 years and will

not anytime soon! We’ll keep the Upbeat

Times growing and increase the quality of the contents like a fine wine. We will even get better over time! Te brightness of the paper will still be close to the same but not quite as thick. We are still celebrating the 20th year in business publishing the positive side of life in our communities! TM

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • October 2018 • 3 Good Changes by Paul Andrew Doyle of Santa Rosa, CA•

Here is what I’ve done all by myself since 1997:


design, production, layout and contributor manage- ment, writ- er manage- ment, ad sales and ad design as well

as marketing

& promo- tions.) It’s a lot to do! But it has made Up- beat Times affordable

for busi- nesses to get the word out about their offer-

ings. Te part I have not done by

myself is the distribution and writing all the great articles. I now have over 9 people helping Upbeat Times get the paper out to over 1000 locations and over 20 people who contribute monthly. So in reality, there are over 30 people contributing each month that I am extremely thankful to have as part of the team. SPECIAL NEWS ALERT: Te First Annual Upbeat Times Holiday Market in Santa Rosa, November 10, from 10 am to 7 pm, will take place at the Salvation Army Senior Events Center at 115 Pierce Street in San- ta Rosa. (See page 5’s ‘JUST CHILLIN’ article for more details and the full page ad on page 20 for more infor- mation! Tis will be the first ever of it’s kind! It may start small but we hope to grow it each year! 10% of the pro- ceeds will go to the Salva- tion Army’s Long Term Fire

Recovery & Senior Activ- ity Center.

It feels good to

have several people helping to make this happen and to help others in need. Tey will be in need for many years to come and I want to be there for them in whatever way I can for the long term. Helping others is what truly

makes me feel like I am alive and thriving. Recently I’ve spent over 40 hours of my spare time to help one of my neighbors build what is es- sentially a small house. It has been fun because I used to build luxury homes from the ground up for many years. I’ve realized I’ve missed the physical aspect of working. Sitting in front of a computer creating the Upbeat Times is

fun, but working outside in the fresh air is even more ex- hilarating! On a final note, fall is here

and so is the final three issues of Upbeat Times for 2018. I would love to have busi- nesses advertise in my BIG FALL GUIDE, and the two very attractive HOLIDAY GUIDES! I am offering any reader of this paper who re- fers any business that ends up buying an ad of any size, a token $50 check to say thank you! I don’t have sales people out is only me talk- ing to people...I could use some help. Tat $50 dollars per ad is all I can give, but it could really help you with some extra gas money, a nice

... continued on page 30 First Humor

A grocer put up a sign that read “Eggplants, 25 cents each -- three for a dollar.” All day long, customers came in exclaiming: “Don’t be ridiculous! I should get four for a dollar!” Meekly the grocer agreed and packaged four eggplants. The tailor next

door had been watching these antics and finally asked the grocer, “Aren’t you going to fix the mistake on your sign?”

“What mistake?” the grocer asked. “Before I put up that sign no one ever bought more than one eggplant.”

Strike out Hunger!

Bring in a can of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank and bowl a game on us.

Offer good any time open lanes are available. May not be combined with other offers. Limit one game per person per day.

Off er good through October 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018

300 Golf Course Dr. -Rohnert Park, CA 94928 707-585-0226

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ~ John Lennon UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • October 2018 • 3

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