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When Life Hands You A Lemon… It’s Time To Make Lemonade

by James Fish •

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Find- ing a lemon on a golf course is a little different than finding one on the street. If you miss a two-foot putt, oh well. Life goes on. If you get fired from your job, life doesn’t taste so sweet. If your lover dumps you by the side of the road… now that’s a real lemon. What can one do? We can’t control others, the more we try the less likely we are to succeed. So when life hands you a lemon you know it’s time to make some lemonade. I am

start- ing to like this

idea. The

world is full of lemons. We get them tossed at us every day. Why should we take it person- al? It’s just somebody else’s stuff. Probably a very good chance that is has nothing to do with you. They are most likely running some unconscious pat- tern and they will keep run- ning it until it runs them into the ground. Most people are genuinely not aware of how they are hard-wired by events from their past. And who’s to say that past might even be a past life? One can’t be too cer- tain but chances are we more controlled by events or people from our past than we care to admit. Real freedom is a little too

scary for most people. Why? Because we grow attached to our chains and the furniture in the temple of our familiar makes us far too complacent. At some point one has to really wonder what life might look

like beyond those chains… I know I have wondered. I don’t care to be a slave to anyone or any-thing. For that reason alone I don’t own a television. Don’t need those lemons! I’ve got enough other ones to work with. And that’s why I continue to make lem- onade and it doesn’t hurt my liver. Alcohol used to hurt my liver so I quit drinking it thirty years ago.

Am I a saint? No. But do I want to be a slave or a puppet to some substance? No. I want to honor

the temple I was given and a clear mind opens to an hon- est road and an honest game of golf. Whether we are on a golf course trapped in a haz- ard or on the streets of life and trapped in a bummer situation, the choice is the same. Here comes another lemon and what are you going to do with it? Pretend it

isn’t there… pray

real hard that it goes away… or imagine that it never existed in the first place. Yes those are all options, and we’ve seen them all before. My advice is quite simple: Avoid self-deception and delusional thinking and whenever possible, turn those lemons into lemonade while playing your round of golf.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or

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