Let’s talk fashion, as brands are knocking on your door; how important is fashion to you and how would you describe your style? Is it important to me because other than music it’s probably the only other way I know how to express myself and from a very early age I’ve done my own thing. I realised from when I was very young that it gives you great power, as I get to wake up every day and decide how people perceive me, there’s something very nice and powerful in that. I’m not sure how I’d describe my sense of style because I dress for my mood, today I’m wearing a tracksuit, but tomorrow it might be thigh high boots, who knows? It all depends on my mood.

Do you raid your mum’s wardrobe… No…

She must have some fab stuff? For sure, but no, as I’m actually a lot smaller than her and my siblings, I’m tiny, tiny, tiny, pocket size!

You’ve had some great collaborations; are you open to more, or is the focus for a while about you as an artist? Oh, it’s definitely important to me with One Shot to make a record that was just me. I love collaborating, but it was important to show people a song that was just me and that I can carry a song by myself. When it came to the video I wanted to show people that I’m strong enough now, and whilst the collaborations were necessary and fun and important and I’ll continue to do that, right now, my head is more about the focus being more on me.

Let’s talk about you being a role model for youth culture, as it’s kind of a label people are putting on you – flattering, but a lot of pressure! Are you like, “Hey I’m just singing about an interesting topic – don’t hold me up for it”… Wow…I don’t know about role model, that’s really a lot of responsibility. I’ll always be honest and if people relate to that and it can help then great, but I’m not sure about role model, that’s a lot of pressure. [laughing] I’ll always be honest and write about things I want to write about, but if I can be myself and that inspires people, that’s really great, but umm, maybe not role model!

Growing up included Spain, Stockholm and London, all places that could be called home, but where do you feel most comfortable? That’s the beauty about being international and being mixed race, I don’t have to choose – do you know what I mean? Yes... I’m a bit of this and a bit of that, when I was younger it used to stress me out because when I would say I was Swedish, because I had a very confused accent, they’d go “Really?” And when I would say I was English, they’d say, “Really? You have an accent”. Now I just pick a place, some days I feel more Swedish, some days I feel more English – it’s nice that I have family all around the world and all these places I can call home. And more than anything it’s taught me that home is who you’re with and what you do to make it a home, I could move somewhere tomorrow and make that home, you know. Does the writing process come easily to you? The writing process depends on what I’m going through, how I’m feeling, things that have happened. I write things down and I get strong ideas about something that’s happened. I go into the studio

/ 20

a lot of the time with a concept or something I want to get off my chest. It’s about melody for me and I would go in with a story and fit the story around what I’m doing musically. But is it hard or easy? I can’t control it, and I think that’s why I love it so much, I’m a control freak, and it’s the one thing I cannot control! I’ll write an amazing song one day and think I’ll go in tomorrow and do exactly the same thing tomorrow, the same formula and write another great song, and you just don’t. Or you spend half an hour writing something you think is just ‘whatever’ and it turns out to be a big song, that’s the beauty about writing songs, I don’t find it hard or easy – it’s just this magical thing that happens…sometimes [laughing]. …More often than not for you! [laughing] Thank you!

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage? Do you become a different character? Yeah, I used to have terrible stage fright and I needed to get over that, I did figure out that some things help and I do disconnect slightly from the person I am on a daily basis. You kind of do have to have this crazy level of ego to go on stage; you have to be like, “I’m sick”! [laughing] Obviously I’m not like that in real life! [laughing] But how I like my hair, my make-up and clothes, that‘s all a part of putting on for myself, toning everything up a bit and being a drama version of myself for stage.

Social media – you have a huge fan base – what’s the weirdest proposal you’ve had so far? Umm I get a lot of “I wanna marry you,” and I’m like, “Really?” Listen love, get to 44 and you’ll welcome that with open arms! [laughing] That’s so funny! I know right, I’ll be yeah come on! I am myself all the time, but obviously there’s only so much you can show on social media and for mental health reasons you know it’s important to separate and keep some things personal. I don’t want to share when I’m in a relationship etc. and when I’m not feeling good. You’ll look at my ‘gram and you’d be like, she’s killing it all the time, but life’s not like that – so I like to keep some things separate.

You are so level headed. Who does that come from? Mum’s side or dad’s? [laughing] Really? Both! They are very grounded and taught me a lot about work ethic. That was important to them.

How have you celebrated your success? With your first hit did you treat yourself? Umm, when Finders Keepers went top 10 I think I went out, I was very shocked, yes I remember going out and dancing with my friends until very late, or early. [laughing] It’s important to do things like that, I’m still young. [laughing] Even though I’m tired now and don’t look young. [laughing] I don’t know really, I’m really bad at it, me and my manager were saying the other day that it’s so easy to just…well when we score a goal and the goal posts move it’s easy to say, “Wow, that was amazing and we really achieved that thing we were talking about six months ago,” yet just move on to the next thing! I definitely have to get better at celebrating things and appreciating things now; it’s just ambition keeps you moving forwards.

Love what you do; keep me dancing; long may the success continue...

Thank you so much Katie, I enjoyed it!

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