Role model Liz will inspire youth to enter construction industry

Liz Orgill (pictured), a Director of Plymouth- based national company, Construction Materials Online (CMO), has been chosen to be a UK role model to inspire a future generation of construction professionals. Nathan Garnett, Event Director for UK

Construction Week explains, “There are some amazing people working in the sector and their stories can be inspirational to others. So we are planning for UK Construction Week to act as a platform to inspire a new generation of construction professionals to join this rewarding and exciting industry.” Role models take part in an outreach

programme, going to colleges and schools to talk to students and teachers at key stages of their education to explain what inspired them to choose construction as a career and bust any myths around the image of construction. As Marketing Director at CMO, Liz Orgill has

been instrumental in the success of the UK’s largest online roofing merchant, Roofing Superstore, one of CMO’s three specialist eCommerce stores.

Liz joined CMO with 15 years’ marketing

experience under her belt. Since the launch of Roofing Superstore in 2009, and together with Drainage Superstore and Insulation Superstore, the brands now sell over 50,000 products for the building and construction industry. From the company’s achievements as ‘first-to-market’ 10 years ago, CMO now has an enviable growth trajectory and plans to exceed its £27m this year. Liz is passionate about the industry and a

great advocate of working in construction. She said: “I’m delighted to share my experiences and discuss what an exciting and important time it is to join construction.” The history of CMO began when a small

group of roofing contractors saw an opportunity in the old-fashioned method of builder’s merchants and took it into the 21st Century with an online business. This success marked a revolution in the sector and the way people buy construction materials, giving better convenience for builders, tradespeople, and contractors. As a positive disruptor in the sector, CMO carved the path for others to follow.

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Steve Whiteway is an award winning member of the Plymouth business community. Awarded a lifetime achievement award in 2017

at the Plymouth Herald Community Awards, Steve is one of a handful of people in the UK to be awarded the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award for his work in helping to alleviate food poverty. Steve is also one of six Plymouth people to

have a train named after him by Devon Chamber patrons, GWR, after being voted one of the 50 all-time Great Westerners. Steve has worked with over 160 charities over

the past 50 years, raising money and profiles through music and sport. He was one of the original founding members of the Plymouth Climate Change Commission and previously served as Vice Chair of Fairtrade Plymouth. The Clean Britain campaign and the Plymouth

Litter Campaign in 2014 saw Steve involve Plymouth Argyle, Plymouth Albion and Plymouth Raiders in an initiative, which led to him becoming an honorary ambassador for the City Centre Company. Steve is married with children and

grandchildren, and his hobbies and interests include the Plymouth environment, kayaking, swimming, song writing, writing articles and columns and serving the local community and helping businesses to grow, by sharing his experience and knowledge.

‘Liz is

passionate about the industry and a great advocate of working in construction’

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