20 riders... a fitting final journey for a charming and enthusiastic motorcycle supporter. Quite an ‘Easy’ job. Two members of the team have spent the winter months bringing the RAC Norton ES2 (known as an ‘Easy Two’) back into action. Graham Edwards and Ian Hurley found a nice warm(ish) spot in the new workshop under the Flight Shed and sorted out the ignition and carburation so that the bike now starts and runs reliably. After a short road test as a solo, the side-car was re-attached and the outfit is now ready to feature at future Brooklands events. Motorcycle Show 2018 building up nicely The 2018 Brooklands Motorcycle Show is set for


Bedford CA With this lovely little bus currently under SORN it was a good opportunity to look at the second trunnion, the driver's side having been replaced in 2016 due to excessive play. However, on closer inspection, only a little work was required to bring it up to spec. At the same time the brakes were checked, which frequently need attention on these old, little-used vehicles. The return spring on the passenger side front was found to have stretched and was not fully returning the pads to the ‘off’ position. A replacement spring was sourced from our colleagues in the Car Rides Team, fitted and tested. We have also found problems with one of the

rear brakes. The slave cylinder showed signs of leaking but also the oil seal on the half-shaft is weeping. We will deal with the oil seal first and the brake cylinder after we are happy no oil is leaking on to the drums. A new choke cable has been sourced and

fitted, not an easy job as it is situated high on the dashboard with numerous other cables and leads around.

Alvis Front-Wheel-Drive After a few ‘exercise’ runs around the site the brakes were found to be ineffective, with the pedal going almost to the floor. On closer inspec- tion it was noticed that the rod and cable system for the rear wheels was not performing as it should and a small adjustment was required to bring an acceptable response – a relief for all as the front brakes are inboard and require most of the front of the car to be dismantled in order to

57 check them!

Railton Terraplane We had some concerns about the steering when the wheel was turned to the left. Our investiga- tions showed that the oil level in the steering box was low so it was replenished, resolving the problem. There had also been some worries about overheating, with the possibility that the coolant manifold water jacket had been fitted the wrong way, reducing the flow. However, checking the engine temperature using a laser temperature probe proved this was not the case. Work was completed on the fuel gauge which had been a little erratic.

Aero Minx With the generous donation by George Bailey of the Aero Minx to the Museum collection, its main- tenance is now the responsibility of the Museum. The vehicle is MoT-exempt but as no certificate currently exists it will be sent for a test in line with the Museum’s policy for running vehicles. Apart from some minor concerns and plans for

improvement, the car is in good running order and should be seen frequently out and about around the site.

1904 Siddeley ‘Daisy’ A condition report has been completed and passed to the Museum and a decision has been made to sympathetically preserve this car and make good where necessary. The brass water pump has been refurbished and the front axle re- moved so the king-pin bushes can be replaced and the bent track-rod straightened. The cone clutch has been examined and the lining found

Sunday 1st July. Entries are coming in steadily and it promises to be a good day. Triumph and Harley-Davidson are bringing their 2018 ranges with their show trucks. We anticipate a large turnout of club stands and

are working on a plan to have replicas of both the 500cc and 350cc Outer Circuit lap record holders running side by side. As well as Test Hill runs, there will be a large

demonstration area on the Finishing Straight and an engine-start mini arena at the foot of the Hill... so plenty of action and interesting sounds are in prospect.

Michael Sands Update

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