There will also be a new hot drinks menu,

offering barista coffees from the bar, including cappuccino, latte and Americano. To complement these changes, CreativEvents

are going to expand the menu offering each day, including ‘sharing platters’ for two to four guests, offering charcuterie, cheese, breads and olives, healthy light lunches and home-made sandwiches and steak baguettes. Watch out for these exciting new menus. Other changes will be phased in, including the

removal of the Ploughman’s Lunch and an increase in the choice of Sunday lunch options, including two roasts and a fish dish. Finally, on Friday, ‘Afternoon Cream Tea’ will be available between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, with the option of a glass of bubbly! We all know that the price of world food has

increased and we are not immune at Brooklands. Therefore it is inevitable that the prices will increase in line with inflation and that took effect from 1st April. We will continue to monitor the quality and

level of service within the Members’ Bar, especially with the revised service offering and I would welcome your comments to steveclarke@ While we are on the subject of the Members'

Bar, may I remind you that should you wish to bring a party of more than seven, members or non-members,

for lunch, please contact

CreativEvents to let them know, so that they can accommodate and serve you and your guests in the best way. E-mail hospitality@brooklands or call 01932 857381 extension 251. Thank you. Many Club level members will know that on

busy event days the Members’ Bar is extended into the Blue Bird Room to allow extra capacity for members and their guests to have lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. We aim to provide entertain- ment on the busy event days in the form of a film, music or similar. On Saturday 12th May for 1940’s Relived we will have some live 1940s music and songs to entertain you. Rob Walker centenary parade and

exhibition You may recall some months ago that Brooklands Trust Member Rob Rennie informed us of an idea


to celebrate the centenary of the Dorking-based Rob Walker Formula One team owner in October. Rob writes: ‘There’s now really good news – with sponsorship from the newly formed Dorking Town Partnership the event is now a reality and the date is 21st October. The venue is Dorking Town Centre between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Plans for a spectacular parade of Rob Walker

team cars through Dorking, followed by a static display outside Dorking Halls are shaping up well. Confirmed early entries include the 1961 Lotus 18 Climax that Stirling Moss drove to victory in the epic 1961 Monaco Grand Prix and the unique Ferguson P99 FWD Climax – the only front-wheel-drive car ever to win an F1 race – and the 1961 TT-winning Ferrari 250SWB. Negotiations for up to a further six team cars are progressing well. It is anticipated that a number of former team drivers and personnel will also be present to recall the extraordinary achievements of the world’s greatest ever F1 privateer team that was based in Pippbrook, Dorking, and won no fewer than nine GPs during the team’s golden decade of 1958 to 68 and many other races too. In addition to the parade, the day will see the

formal opening of a special Rob Walker Cente- nary Exhibition at Dorking Museum, featuring rare photographs, records and artefacts together with a unique model car collection that recently featured on the BBC ‘Bargain Hunt’ programme.’ Note, the date is Sunday 21st October for this

special event. Motor sport films Finally, I am delighted to announce that we have been given access to a collection of 16mm motor sport films covering many aspects of the sport ‘back in the day’. These original films are still on reel to reel format and projected from an original projector with sound! We are going to trial the showing of a selection

of these wonderful films on Friday 18th May at 12.30pm in the Blue Bird Room. If successful we will roll out our ‘Film Friday’ throughout the year. There will be no charge to attend, but for catering plans we need to understand the expected numbers. You can register your interest by e-mail to or by calling 07880 670359.

Steve Clarke

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