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Designing and operating meeting rooms

What’s the best way to design and operate meeting rooms today.

The direct channel to the industry

Control4 acquires Ihiji Control4 Corporation (has

aqrired the intellectual prop- erty and key operating assets of Austin, Texas-based Ihiji. By combining two network and device management solutions -- BakPak from Control4 and Invision from Ihiji -- into one unified service platform, Con- trol4 will be able to provide thousands of professional in- tegrators with powerful device monitoring and management capabilities. “Connected home opportuni- ties are emerging globally, and their

individual performance,

reliability, and resilience are foundational to all successful installations.

By combining

Control4’s BakPak, with its strong network management capabilities, and Ihiji’s Invi- sion, with its device monitoring and management capabilities, Control4 can provide a set of unified cloud-based services to our dealers to securely and ef- ficiently monitor end-customer systems.”

“Dealers will receive alerts when performance concerns are detected; they can then re- motely identify the root cause and initiate resolution actions, all without being on-premise. This will improve homeowner satisfaction through prompt and preemptive service, in a time-saving and cost-effective manner,” said Martin Plaehn, CEO and

Chairman Board at Control4.

The joint team is already developing the unified cloud- based service platform which will

be made available in

phases to all Control4 and Ihiji dealers and their end-custom- ers later in the year. The shared goal is to operate a single inte- grated monitoring and services experience that provides all dealers with complete visibil-

of the

ity and control at the network level, which would include over 2,000 third-party products, as well as all Control4 and Pa- kedge smart home equipment. Today, Ihiji works with the industry’s leading manufactur- ers including: Araknis, Belkin, Brocade, Cisco, Crestron, Dell, Denon, D-Link, Integra, Luxul, Marantz, Netgear, Onkyo, Pa- kedge, Panamax, Russound, Savant,

Sky, Sony, SurgeX,

Synaccess, Yamaha, and oth- ers, and those integrations will continue to be central to the new unified management plat- form. The new solution will also deliver a comprehensive view of every home and customer to enable dealers to monitor, as- sess, remediate, and track per- formance concerns associated with their customers’ homes.

Martin Plaehn, CEO and Chair- man of the Board at Control4: “By combining Control4’s BakPak, with its strong network manage- ment capabilities, and Ihiji’s In- vision, with its device monitoring and management capabilities, Control4 can provide a set of uni- fied cloud-based services to our dealers.!

Polycom agrees merger with Obihai

Polycom signed a merger agree- ment to acquire Obihai Technol- ogy, Inc., a San Jose-based in- novator in VoIP audio solutions. Obihai Technology develops software and hardware for VoIP endpoints. This strategic addi- tion allows Polycom to compete more effectively in the global voice market, and broadens Polycom’s portfolio to include complementary technologies for the service providers and cus- tomers of all sizes. “The strategic acquisition of the Obihai team and its soft- ware platform allows Polycom to surge forward on our strate- gy to deliver the best and most human-to-human experience in our audio and video solutions,” said Mary McDowell, Polycom CEO. “Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, the addition of Obi- hai will immediately open new markets and revenue opportuni- ties for Polycom. The combined development team will enable Polycom to bring our great prod- ucts to customers faster.” After completion of the deal, Polycom expects to add more

has launched Engineering

cloud-based capabilities and Analog Terminal Adapter solu- tions to its solutions portfolio. The combination is expected to expand the markets available to Polycom solutions for both the company and its worldwide net- work of channel partners. The deal is expected to close early in first quarter of this year.

Barco to "re-orientate" Fredrikstad

Barco confirms it is studying a possible re-location of the manufacturing activities of its Barco Fredrikstad AS (Nor- way) location, while further building out the local R&D and business development activities. The Fredrikstad location – previously projec- tiondesign – was acquired by Barco in 2012. Showing great leadership in the design and development of projectors, the branch was named ‘Bar- co’s Centre of Excellence’ in single-chip DLP projection in 2015.

In order to strengthen its competitive position, Barco is

now investigating to streamline its activities and to improve op- erational efficiency by re-locat- ing the Fredrikstad manufactur- ing activities and merging it with the larger projection factory at its new facility in Kortrijk (Bel- gium). Manufacturing and relat- ed activities in the Fredrikstad premise today include in total 75 employees. In parallel, the role of Fredrik-

stad as Centre of Excellence for the Barco Group for Innovation, R&D and business development activities related to single-chip DLP projection will be further strengthened and expanded.

Mary McDowell, Polycom CEO: “Looking ahead to 2018 and be- yond, the addition of Obihai will immediately open new markets and revenue opportunities for Polycom

IET adds transcript search to video

Video Intelligence (EVI), a powerful, new video transcript search function, which allows users to keyword search within its entire video database to find exact and relevant timestamped con- tent at the click of a button. The on- line platform, run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), is one of the largest dedicated engineer- ing and technology video databases in the world and includes industry news, technical and regulatory up- dates, expert insight and interviews, as well as EngTalks and lectures. The new functionality takes away hours of trawling through video con-

tent to find specific extracts and will be highly beneficial to practising engi- neers, technologists, academics and researchers who want to find accurate content quickly. The search function- ality also enables users to navigate to individual words or phrases within the video whilst the video is playing and will recommend related videos from the database based on search results. Mark Reynard, Head of, said: “Finding what you are looking for in a single 30-minute video can be hard enough, but with over 2,500 videos in our recent collection it can be quite difficult for our users to get to the rel- evant information they need".

Barco Fredrikstad on the move to Kortrijk? Zoom UK grows 275% annually

Zoom Video Communications today an- nounced that it has significantly increased its UK headcount over the last quarter and is relocating to larger London premises as it gears up for further anticipated growth in 2018. Zoom UK has seen year on year revenue grow by over 275 per cent and a nearly 150 per cent increase in its UK cus- tomer base.

Overall, Zoom has seen its EMEA cus- tomer base grow by almost 150 per cent in the past year. Its revenues grow over 175 per cent over the same time frame. Zoom’s

cloud-based platform and intuitive user expe- rience helps organisations drive overall com- munication and collaboration across mobile, desktop, and meeting spaces. UK brands, or divisions, now using Zoom include Sophos, TransferWise, Beamly, Skyscanner, Starberry, and AND Digital.

Zoom was recently highlighted as one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for the second time in a row. Other global milestones for Zoom in 2017 have included: Hosting over 20 billion annualised meeting minutes (up from 6.9 Billion last year.

MEET Logitech_Ad_SmartDock_ISE_266x40_1217.indd 1

Logitech SmartDock Secure meeting room console designed for Skype for Business

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