Locating GP surgeries on retail parks is an obvious next step, and one that is already beginning to be seen

When looking at existing retail parks, our team of retail and leisure experts begin by conducting research, investigating how they could be transformed and regenerated to better suit the needs of retailers and consumers, providing a cohesive offering to their catchment area. As part of this research, we investigate current retail and leisure offerings, the opportunities which could be incor- porated into them and the space that’s currently available. We also consider how initiatives from organisations such as Sport England can support the developments in bringing retail, leisure and sport together. Sport England is currently leading the

way when it comes to introducing ‘break-out’ sports areas into car parks and general public realm spaces. Developers working with Sport England to support its ‘Towards an Active Nation’ strategy, will see the benefits of a holistic approach that may even align to financial support. We work closely with our clients and developers to encourage and to engage in conversations with organisations, like Sport England, which are looking to revolutionise sport and leisure in the UK. Often, out-of-town retail developments come up against a tirade of objections during planning, as they are seen as having a negative impact upon nearby town centres. However, by incorporating a strong sport and leisure offering, developers are able to overcome these challenges and in doing so, support organisations like Sport England in tackling dropping participation rates and addressing the in-activity of the nation in general. This is a key target in reducing the reliance and cost on the NHS; it’s a long-term objective, but certainly one that can be supported through this innovative way of creating sustainable destinations. As the face of retail changes, developers and retailers should consider the impacts on not only consumers, but staff and business owners. Developers need to consider how sport and leisure can support retail within parks, helping to create more of a community destination, boosting staff morale and making them an attractive move for business owners. With this in mind, there is huge potential for the wholesale repositioning of retail parks via the creation of a new model – which we called StreetLab and SportsLab, which will increase values, footfall and dwell time, thereby extending the life and viability for retail park owners and developers.

Swinglane 900 Secure yet stylish. Functional yet friendly. There is no need to compromise.

Ensuring a safe and secure working environment is simple with Boon Edam’s Swinglane 900 high capacity security lane. The Swinglane 900 ensures access is only ever granted to authorised visitors, whilst achieving a high throughput of up to 30 people per minute. Choose its design to blend in seamlessly with your corporate identity and combine multiple functions to create a truly bespoke entry. Find out more at



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