Office furniture has had to adapt significantly to accommodate new and modern methods of working

A modular unit with a contoured back for enhanced privacy helps create an informal touchdown area

High tables and stools help assist with collaborative tasks and teamwork

relevant tools and technology to perform our tasks. Such furniture provides an ergonomically sound alternative to sitting at a desk or a table, and can be either stand- alone or grouped together to create flexible spaces for a modern workplace. This is also ideal for nomadic workers armed with laptops, tablets and mobile phones, enabling them to work anywhere, anytime. High backed meeting booths and stand- alone personal high-back seating solutions are hugely popular and ideal for breaking up large, open plan spaces (see images). While their primary purpose is to serve heads-down focus work, they also support one-on-one collaboration. There’s also a growing trend towards freestanding glass- fronted meeting pods that help continue the flow of nomadic working patterns and teamwork. Some even feature a ‘human-

centric lighting system that changes the colour and intensity of white light in the pod in accordance with people’s natural circadian rhythms over the course of the day, further promoting wellbeing. While workplaces are trending towards open and flexible environments, it’s also important to remember the need for quiet, private spaces. Telephone pods provide a much-needed place to concentrate and make private calls, encouraging creative and individual working – both vital for a more productive working environment, and for wellbeing.

Good workplace design is no longer just about specifying furniture for the space available. By tearing down walls and intro- ducing habitats, architects have significant freedom in designing an environment that can foster greater wellbeing for all. By specifying furniture that enables the collab- orative sharing of new ideas and innovative thinking, as well as greater social interac- tion with our colleagues, our wellbeing and engagement will flourish, while the company’s bottom line will prosper.

Oliver Ronald is sales & marketing director at Boss Design

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