31 First impressions

Franz Lorenschitz of Allgood explores the power of ironmongery to offer the right first impression to users across a range of settings

instant first impression of the environment. As such, ironmongery can subconsciously create a positive and lasting impact. For a corporate business environment,


it’s important to have a long lasting, low maintenance ironmongery solution that continues to look in pristine condition after consistent high-use. It should therefore be certified to BS EN 1906 grade 4 category of use. A high quality, stainless steel solution is therefore often specified, providing a timeless and user-friendly design. Providing the highest level of corrosion resistance and tolerance for busy commercial environments, ranges using marine grade 316 solid stainless steel can be supplied with up to a 25-year warranty. Available with standard satin or polished finishes, they can seamlessly integrate with surrounding stainless steel fixings. Ironmongery specialists can also offer bespoke satin or polished finishes to stainless steel products. Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) can provide long-lasting brass, bronze, black or gold decorative coatings, as examples, for a distinctive finish. To create a more bespoke offering and provide design flexibility for architects, a ‘mix and match’ solution can be provided. Allowing each component of the handle to be chosen from various designs, a central node unites each of the components. This allows specifiers to choose rounded, bullet or drum tips and pair it with a crescent, straight or propeller grip. Creating a lever handle that can integrate with the building’s feel and design, such ranges offer increased flexibility and creativity for commercial applications. Incorporating texture as well as colour, forward-thinking ironmongery manufactur- ers offer the option of a fabric grip for lever and pull handles, increasing the options for architects further. Perfect for creating a unique environment for specific floors or departments, incorporating colour and texture into ironmongery can help visitors, particularly those who are visually impaired,

oor handles are often the visitor’s first physical contact with a building, and consequently provide an

find their way around a building. A bespoke solution that can be chosen from hundreds of design options, a colourful and textured lever handle can help create a lasting positive first impression of a building or organisation. To complement hygiene and infection protocols, healthcare and hospital environ- ments can specify copper alloy antimicrobial ironmongery. Providing added value to an installation, copper alloy ironmongery offers the visible ‘sterile’ appearance of stainless steel combined with the antimicrobial properties of copper. This allows the antimi- crobial range to seamlessly integrate with surrounding stainless steel door hardware and modern interiors.

Ranges certified by the Copper Development Association and showing the Cu+ mark authenticate the ironmongery’s ability to consistently eradicate harmful bacteria and microbes, such as influenza and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Eliminating high touch frequency points such as door handles or push plates as infection transfer points, such solutions can reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and therefore provide a tangible return on investment for hospitals and care home environments. Alternatively, healthcare and environ- mentally focused buildings can benefit from timber-based ironmongery solutions. Warm to the touch, oak ironmongery ranges with a super circular shape provide the most comfortable grip for patients, especially those suffering from arthritis or neuropathy.

First impressions are vital for creating a comfortable and inviting space for new employees, clients and guests. With ironmon- gery experts offering comprehensive ranges developed for specific applications, an ironmongery solution can meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of a building to create the right first impression.

Franz Lorenschitz is marketing manager at Allgood


Door handles are often the visitor’s first physical contact with a building, providing an instantaneous first impression of the environment



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