takes priority over profit. Itwas agreed the fetewould take place. Cllr Benne� then suggested that people fromdifferent organisations should be asked to sit on the fete commi�ee, and anyone interested should email

Birling Leeds

Welcome Newresidents to the villagewere to bewelcomed. The parish council hoped that theywould come forward to be part of the community. Relief road Gary Cooke, the county councilmember, advisedmembers that a vote on a rent transport debate resulted in a “win” for the ruling Liberal Democrats onMaidstone Borough Council (MBC) and their viewwas to expand the use of cycling,walking and public transport to relieve traffic congestion and use section 106money (developer contributions) to pay for these services. Cllr Cookewas disappointed at this turn of events because at a previous joint transportation board (JTB)meetings, theMBCmembers agreed towork together to bring the case for a relief road. Cllr Cooke had since advised members of the public, via DownsMail, that there is to be a public rally in support of relief road a�ended by residents, parish councils, Kent County Council officials and localMP HelenWhately. Itwill be held at theMercure (Great Danes) Hotel on the Ashford Road on November 2, at 6.30pm. Leeds residents are urged by Cllr Cooke to a�end to showsupport for the relief road. Highways SoutheastWater had advised thatwork on the B2163was ongoing and delayswere likely to be experienced. New houses Cllr Gary Cooke had advised that planning approval had been given for 800 newhomes in Langley, Bicknor Farm (250 homes) and Otham(1,000). Leeds website Residents could sign up for the parish council newsle�er –more than 100 had already done so – ormake comments on the forumpage.

AWINDOWwas smashed on aMercedes 500 parked inMerton Road, Bearsted. An officewindowin StMichael’s Close,

Hawthorn bush Itwas agreed that the work needs to be carried out by a qualified tree surgeon. Cllr Stewart offered to obtain quotes from local businesses, with a view to having the work done before the Heritage Day. Clerk vacancy Cllr Spooner had advised the clerk that she had spoken with a resident whowas interested in applying for the position, but nothing had been received. Street lights The clerk had met with Richard Emme from KCC to look at all the street lights.A survey needed to be carried out and a quote detailing options would be sent, possibly by September. Parsons Corner The light was not working and needed to be replaced.A quote had been requested from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. As itwas likely to be cheaper to replace the light as part of the LED replacement project itwas decided towait until the KCC quote had been received. Drug debris CllrWalker said youths had

TWO cars in Bush Row, Aylesford,were broken into on the same evening. A handbag, cash cards and personal items were stolen from a Ford Fiesta left on a driveway, while cash and cardswere taken from a Saab 9-3 parked on the road. A whiteBMWX6was stolen from a

driveway in Lapins Lane, Kings Hill.A week earlier, a black car of the same model had also been stolen from Quindell Place, Kings Hill. ABMW318 convertiblewas stolen from

a residential driveway in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield. The tracker of a Mercedes Sprinter van parked in Briar Close, Larkfield, was removed and discarded before the vehicle was stolen. It contained a number of cordless tools. Three HP laptops, cash and jewellery

Boxley,was smashed. Itemswere stolen froman outbuilding in

without consent in Bearsted Road, Boxley. Amobile phone and computerwere

stolen in a break-in in Birch Drive, Boxley. Awildlife camerawas stolen froma

garden in Hockers Lane, Thurnham, and an a�emptwasmade to break into a shed at the same property. A pecker for a 1.5T JCB excavatorwas

in The Landway, Bearsted,was keyed. Both number plateswere stolen froma

Hill Green Road, Stockbury. Toolswere removed froman outbuilding

were stolen from aBMWX1 parked on a driveway in Spruce Close, Larkfield. A Toshiba laptop and surveying equipment were stolen when a steel cabin at a construction site in Tower View, Kings Hillwas broken into. A cocker spanielwent missing from London Road, Ryarsh. The dog may have escaped the property boundary and may have been seen being taken from the area in a silver car. A secured black Pegasus hybrid bicycle

stolen froma compound inAshford Road, Harrietsham. AMercedes C250 parked on a driveway

ToyotaAvensis parked in Speedwell Close, Boxley. An a�emptwasmade to break into a

garden shed on Caring Lane, Thurnham, but no accesswas gained. Car ba�eries and a sack barrowwere

stolen during a break-in at stables on a farmin Harple Lane, Detling. A Ford Transit parked in a lay-by in

Ware Street, Bearsted, had bothwing mirrors bent and smashed.

32 Malling October 2017

in of a Ford Transit van in Falstaff Close, East Malling. A handbag containing cash, a mobile telephone, credit cards and a pursewas taken from a vehicle in Beech Road, Mereworth. Medical equipment was stolen from a

Ford Fiesta parked in Eagle Close, Larkfield. A motorcyclewas taken from a property

inWateringbury Road, East Malling. Clothes, a buggy, an XBox games console, controller and gameswere among

was stolen from a communal garden in Admiral Moore Drive, Aylesford. Marine equipment was taken when a Citroen Berlingo van parked in Medway Court, Aylesford,was broken in to. Power toolswere stolen during a break-

in of a van in Plover Road, Larkfield. A deWalt drillwas stolen during a break-

Christmas lights The parish councilwas to arrange for Christmas lights to be installed by November and removed by January. PoliceA newPCSO had been appointed to serve villages fromLeeds to Headcorn. John Boyd could be contacted via the 101 service. Potholes KCC said it had allocated £2.5m for pothole repairs byApril next year. Potholes should be reported directly to the county council. Gardener The parish councilwas to appoint a village gardener. Fly-tipping Burberry Lane had again become the target of fly-tippers.MBC had beenmade aware, but anyonewith details should pass themto the council or police. The parish councilwas looking to install a CCTV camera. Sports field The tennis court access gate had been padlocked.A key could be obtained fromThe Georgewith a £5 refundable deposit. The parish councilwas looking to replace the swings and slide in the park.A proposal to create extra parking on the field using reinforcedmesh is to be looked at again.

been seen by the stream in the field behind the church where drug debris had been found and that more youths had been in Birling Park, being noisy and leaving lier. She had reported the maer to the landscape PCSO and next time would also report it to 101.

Kings Hill Lenham

Emergency access Therewas much debate about access to Kings Hill and vulnerability in relation to the size of Kings Hill, entrance points and proximity to them. Itwas agreed to investigate a high level emergency access plan and maintenance of emergency routes. Area 63 Itwas agreed to accept the proposed road names of Josephine Lane and Keepsake Drive for Area 63. LandscapingA resident raised concern about landscaping by KCC in Victoria Drive. Itwas agreed that the resident would send photographs to the deputy clerk who would liaise with KCC on his behalf.

Cycle racks The cycle racks in the square had beenmoved due to a lack of use. Emergency calls The communitywarden told the parish council that itwas important to contact the police on 101 as soon as possible following non-emergency crimes. Telephone scams could be identified online SafetymirrorA resident has reported a dangerous bend in LenhamHeathwhere he felt a safetymirror being installed around a blind spotwould help, along with concerns about speeding in the area. The council agreed to speak to KCC regarding the costing and permissions needed to install amirror. Extra patrols Following vandalismat the WilliamPi� Field, extra patrolswere being

blond hair, caused criminal damage to a shop sign at a petrol station in Church Road, Addington, by kicking it. He was driving a purple Citroen Xsara estate. A house in Hall Road, Aylesford, was broken into, but nothing was taken and no damage was done. Two cars parked – one in Bell Lane and


the other in Oak Drive, Dion – had paint sprayed on them by vandals on the same evening. A car parked in Cobdown Close, Dion,

Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

van parked on a residential driveway in PrincesWay, Detling,which also had a windowsmashed and its rear door dented. Jewellery and various low-value items

was broken into. A house in Sandy Lane, Oam, had a window smashed. Steel security gates at a farm were damaged in Adlington Lane, Troiscliffe, but nothing appeared to have been taken. Items were taken from a shed at a house

were stolen froma house inWingrove Drive, Boxley. A shed at a property in Hockers Lane,

Thurnham,was broken into. Three tyreswere slashed and the

windowsmashed on a VWMove Up parked in The Green, Bearstead. Itemswere taken froman outbuilding in

ThurnhamLane, Thurnham. Awindowof a Citroen Dispatch van

in Snodland Road, Birling. A garage at a home in Orwell Close, Larkfield, was broken into. The outer panel of a double-glazed bedroom window at a house in Columbine Close, East Malling, was broken in an act of criminal damage. Seven windows at the same house in Bondfield Road, East Malling, were broken in three separate incidents. Stones were thrown at a parked vehicle

parked in StWelcumesWay, Harrietsham. was smashed, but nothing appeared to have been taken. Hedges and fenceswere damaged as a

thief gained access to a horses’ field in LenhamHeath Road, Lenham,where a bicyclewas stolen. A Ford Focuswas broken into in Fir Tree

in Swallow Road, Larkfield, causing damage. The wing mirror of a car parked on Woodpecker Road, Larkfield, was deliberately smashed off. Criminal damage was caused when keys

Grove, Boxley, and the ignition lockwas destroyed in an a�empt to steal the vehicle.

were run down the side of a Honda Civic, parked in a residential car park space in Shoesmith Lane, Kings Hill. The rear windscreen wiper of a Hyundai

i20 parked on Heron Road, Larkfield, was broken off. The same night, a Seat Leon

Toolswere stolen froma Vauxhall Viraro

Allotments Regarding the quotations to re- turf two paths at the allotment site, it was agreed to give the clerk delegated authority to select a contractor and proceed with the works. Itwas resolved to give notice to allotment holders that the annual allotment rent would increase by 3% or £3. Grass cuing The mower had been received and would be kept at the Sports Park. Tree inspection works Itwas agreed to give the clerk delegated authority to select a contractor and proceed with the works. Sports park Itwas agreed to accept the request to place a portacabin at the Sports Park and that all costs relating to instatement and reinstatement would be met by the hirer. Open air cinema Itwas agreed to accept a proposal for an event at the Sports Park on October 29. The hire charge for this event would be £300. Salt bins Itwas agreed to accept the quotation for Landscape Services with regard to refilling the salt bins.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police Ulcombe

items stolen during a break-in at a property in GlentonAvenue, Kings Hill. Gold jewellery and cash were taken in a break-in at a house in CastleWay, Leybourne. A man, described as in his 30s with short

parked on a driveway in the same road was broken into and cash was stolen. A Seat Alhambra parked in a supermarket car park in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, had its rear window smashed in an apparent break-in aempt. A Mitsubishi van had its rear window smashed in Wren Close, Larkfield, but nothing was stolen. A Vauxhall Astra parked in Holborough

Road, Snodland, had a wing mirror damaged. The baery from a vehicle parked in Holborough Road, Snodland, was stolen. Several trees were cut down in a residential garden in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield. No access was gained in an aempted break-in at a residential property in The Brucks,Wateringbury. An insecure Nissan Qashqai in Beadsman Crescent, Leybourne, was entered and searched – but nothing was taken.

Police visits An email has been received outlining the role of PCSOs under the new policingmodel. Crime figureswill no longer be provided and a�endance at parish councilmeetingswill be limited. Planning The councilwanted an application of a pitched roof storage area over an existing garage in The Street to be refused; if itwere to be approved, they wouldwant it to be reported to the planning commi�ee. Other planning applications discussed included The Dairy Store at East Kent Farm.

undertaken in the area. Allotments Interestwas registered to St JohnAmbulance for the parish council to purchase the entire site at HamLane, continuing use as allotmentswith the possibility of community use for the north section. Itwas decided to submit a planning application for the removal of the trees to the rear of the community centre and GroomWay. Traffic concerns Cllr Cocke� reported on a traffic survey fromtwo years ago regarding FavershamRoad and theA20, which highlighted excess speeds on the A20. KCC Highways agreed to carry out a safety audit tomonitor the effectiveness of the junction,while HarrietshamParish Councilwere keen to join forces for a Speedwatch initiative. Broadband fix Cllr Smith-Essex reported thatwork to improve broadband facilities has been completed in LenhamHeath, but therewere nowsome problemswith the telephone service. VirginMedia had put the installation of fibre-optic facilities in the parish on hold. Gymthreat Cllr Greenwood hadmetwith LenhamSchool to discuss the future use of theActivate Gymfacility by the public. This had been put under threat due to budget restrictions. The parish council said theywere not able to subsidise the facility.

A shedwas broken into inMount Lane,

Garden play equipment and a tree were damaged in an open space in Oxley Shaw Lane, Leybourne. A secured back garden in Roundhay, Leybourne, was broken into but nothing was stolen and there were no signs of an aempt to get into the house. A waste bin belonging to the local council was moved on Oxley Shaw Lane, Leybourne, dragging with it the concrete post it was secured to.


FREE consulation: 0800 281 249

Maidstone East November 2017 35

Bearstead, but nothingwas taken. On the same night, an a�emptwasmade to break into a garage on same road, but no access was gained, although the doorwas damaged. A garage at a home inWest Street,

Lenham,was broken into, but nothing appeared to have been taken. A petwas stolen froma garden in Hill

Green Road, Stockbury. Damagewas caused to crops and entrance

gateswhen a 4x4 drove on a private field in inMusket Lane,Hollingbourne.

Parish Councils

Crime reports

Parish Councils

Crime reports

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