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Fireworks set to light up nightwithDisney theme

FINAL preparations are being made for this year’s fireworks display in Bearsted,which takes place at the ElizabethHarvie Field onNovember 3.

‘Life-saving’ devices aim

AFTER much research by Cllr Pat Marshall into the provision of de- fibrillators in the parish, members decided at the council’s full Octo- ber meeting to purchase “up to two” of the life-savingmachines. Two possible sites in the parish

have been identified as places to put storage cases, although neither has been confirmed. One is at the Co-op store in

Madginford and the other is the red telephone box at BearstedGreen by the parade of shops. The nearest public defibrillator

belongs to Downswood Parish Council, who paid £1,400. The model being sourced by Bearsted should cost around £1,200. CllrMarshall had also addressed

a concern expressed by a member previously that ambulance re- sponse times are adversely affected where a defibrillator is sited. Clerk Sarah Lewis said that the Kent As- sociation of LocalCouncils had told her “this is not true”.

Crumbling kerb

THE parish council’s environment committee has discussed the issue of the crumbling kerb on the nar- row slip road to the west of The Green which is being damaged by unsuitable large vehicles. Committeemembers have asked

the clerk to enquire with Kent County Council for the installation of a double kerb, as already in- stalled at other locations around The Green.

Progress on plan

PARISH council chairman Richard Camp has encouraged progress on the Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out a development strategy for the future, having been agreed nearly two years ago. CllrCamp said: “We agreed to do

it. It needs to go forward.” Some public consultation has

been carried out and a member pointed out Loose took four years to finish its plan

This year’s spectacular will be

provided by the pyrotechnics com- pany Fantastic Fireworks set to musicwith a Disney theme. Gates open at 6pmwith the 20-30

minute show starting at 7.30pm. The gates shut for safety reasons at 7.15pm Fantastic Fireworks are used to

putting on displays across the UK including somemassive event such as the City of Liverpool’s 800th an- niversary. Assistant parish clerk Erin Sug-

den told councillors at the October meeting that a security firm – whose personnel are familiar with the village – have been engaged but volunteers and helpers are still needed on the night. The council chairman Richard

Camp offered to take up the volun- teer role of event manager on the night. Cllr Terry O’Sullivan has agreed

that hewill be the health and safety manager for this event and there-

fore sign the risk assessment. About 3,000 tickets were for sale but a large portion have now been snapped up. There are family, adult and chil-

dren’s tickets. Children under four years of age are admitted free of charge but theymust have a ticket, Under 16swill not be admitted un- less they arewith an adult. Online tickets sales are through ParishCouncil although there will

ALLOTMENT holderswere not insuredwhen a number of sheds burnt down. Clerk Sarah Lewis told parish councillors that the authority is unable to

insure eachwooden hut or its contents as “we do not have an insurable in- terest”. The Kent Fire and Rescue Service said the causewas accidental andmay

have started when something ignited inside one of the sheds. There was also evidence of a container fire being stoked nearby. Allotment holderswere free to seek their own insurance cover. The parish council charges a small amount annually for public liability insurance.

On course for dementia help

BEARSTEDiswell on itsway to be- coming a “dementia-friendly” community. Erin Sugden, the assistant clerk,

has attended a course which aims to help people spot the signs of de- mentia in others and be able to offer assistance. If a sufferer is struggling in a

shop or is lost or disorientated, the trained helper can spot the signs

THE annual BearstedCarols on the Green event will take place on De- cember 13 at 7.30pm.

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30 Maidstone East November 2017

and deal with the situation effec- tively. By starting out with small

groups,Mrs Sugden hopes that the movementwill growby “ripple ef- fect” across the parish. Clerk Sarah Lewis said that,

apart fromthe obvious community benefits, the initiative can help to- wards a “quality parish” status for Bearsted.

Carols on Green CPRE subscription

PARISH councillors agreed to re- new a £36 subscription to the Cam- paign to Protect Rural England).

be a limited number to buy on the night. Hot food and drinks will be for

sale and display-goers are re- minded that glassware and per- sonal fireworks are not permitted on the site. Church Lane will be shut on the

night and there is no access to that car park. The top section of Cross Keys

will be shut. Pedestrian access is via Cross Keys or Church Landway.

Allotment fireswere accidental Support to run

a newmarket THE parish finance committee ap- proved the appointment of Emma Hull to provide temporary support for the running of the new Satur- day ‘Market on The Green’. The contract will initially be 16

hours per month, although this may need to be more to perform essential tasks. The new market hopes to attract

food and craft stallholders to The Green. The number of stallswas roughly

the same as the last Sundaymarket. A number of potential stallhold-

ers were already committed to other markets elsewhere and it is hoped the situationwill improve.

Music hall event

ANOld TimeMusicHall eventwill take place on October 28 at theWI hall in Beasrted. It runs from 3.30pm until 6pm

and aminibuswill be running back and forward from Madginford Hall. The deputy mayor will the guest of honour.

Council Office: Madginford Hall, Bearsted Telephone: E-Mail: Chair:

01622 630165 Fiona Redman


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