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CHAIRMAN: BobHinderCLERK: Pauline BowderyASSTCLERK:Melanie Fooks ParishOffice, BeechenHall,Wildfell Close,Walderslade,ME5 9RU

Tel: 01634 861237 email: Website: Contact details for parish councillors can be obtained fromthe parish office, the Useful Contact Details leaflet or the website

Cause upheld onwoodland

BOXLEY Parish Council has suc- cessfully argued that Ancient Woodland adjacent to unit 33 Lordswood Industrial area would be destroyed by a proposal to ex- pand the commercial premises. The parish council also argued

that the additional traffic caused by the expansion of the site would se- verely add to the congestion on local roads. MBC’s planning officer had rec-

ommended permission and the parish council had requested that if permission was given then MBC should obtain Section 106 contribu- tions to improve the Lordswood Lane/Gleamingwood junction. The parish council had previ-

ously approachedMBC about pro- tecting all thewoodland adjacent to Gleamingwood Drive with tree preservation orders. This had been refused and this

requestwill nowbe resubmitted. Chairman BobHinder said: “The

parish council was disappointed whenMBCdid not protect the trees and the applicant, probably think- ing theywould get permission, has cleared some of the woodland and put down hardstanding. “If that is not evidence that the

borough council should be more proactive in protectingwoodland I don’t knowwhat is.” Ancient Woodland classification

is given to areas of wood that have been standing since c.1600 and it is the flowers and ground fauna that actually are given the protection.


for all you did BOXLEY Parish Council hailed long-term Downs Mail correspon- dent Diane Nicholls at their Octo- bermeeting. Diane left the publication for

family reasons lastmonth. Chairman Bob Hinder said:

“We’d like to thank Diane for all of herworkwith us in the past years.” Diane has been replaced in her

role as deputy editor by Jon Phipps, who attended the meeting in her place. To contact Jon with any Boxley

stories, please call him on 01622 734735

or 28 email Street name tribute to stalwarts

THE couple behind the setting up of the Vinters Valley Nature Reserve will be honoured by having a street named after them on the new de- velopment in front of Maidstone Studios. The development at Grove Green

will see 77 new houses and flats, and, thanks to Boxley Parish Coun- cil, they will have road names – and a block of flats – reflecting the pre- vious history of the site. Boxley Parish Council decided

against all but one of the many road names suggested by the de- veloper and submitted the following which have been approved. Parchment Close – the previous

land owners had links to TurkeyMill which produced paper. Whatman Drive – previous

landowners. The block of flats is namedValley Heights – not only a reference to

Maidstone East November 2017

Vinters Valley but also a word play as these are the only flats in the area. MacGrory Drive was chosen in

honour ofDonal and LidaMacGrory (pictured) who originally came up with and were the driving force be- hind setting up Vinters Valley Na- ture Reserve. Donal was a parish and borough councillor and Lida was the first warden of the nature reserve. Chairman Bob Hinder said: “It is

the prerogative of parish councils to recommend road names andmem- bers take it seriously as they can re- flect and in some ways preserve local history. “The parish council wanted to

recognise the long and recent past of the site and were extremely grateful that Lida MacGrory gave permission for the family name to be used.”

Homes plans halted in community action

PARISH council chairman Bob Hinder praised a collective effort after planning permission for two homes in Boxley village was re- jected. Residents and councillors at-

tended Maidstone Borough Coun- cil’s planning committee on September 28 to object to the pro- posed development on land to the west of Forge Lane. Throughout the process, the

parish council held a number of meetings in the village and had kept residents informed of the progress of the planning applica- tion, resulting inmany residents at- tending theMaidstonemeeting.

The parish council’s environment

committee, chaired byWendyHin- der, had objected to the proposed development on the grounds that it contravened a number of planning policies but as the planning offi- cer’s recommendationwas to grant planning permission the applica- tion was referred to theMaidstone planning committee. This referral allowed resident

James Willmott, parish councillor Lynn Clarke and MrsWendy Hin- der to speak directly to members and give arguments as to why the application should be refused. After these detailed arguments, members of the planning commit-

tee refused planning permission. CllrHinder said “Itwas clear that

the proposal for two houses was against planning policy and I am happy that the parish council and local residents could effectively work together to get this point across toMaidstone councillors. “I understand that the parish

council’s community alert system worked really well enabling the parish office and residents to be up- dated and kept in touch. “I’d like to thank the residents

and councillors who worked so hard to ensure that the information got across to the borough council- lors.”

Bulbs to herald

a goldenspring BOXLEY Parish Council has purchased 2,000 native daffodil bulbs to plant. After publically asking resi-

dents to suggest areas for the bulbs to be planted and for vol- unteers to help plant them, they are nowbeing distributed. All communities within the

parish will have bulbs planted somewhere and it is hoped that theywill naturally increase each year. Public areas including Maid-

stone play areas, highway verges and parish council open spaces were chosen and each councillor or volunteer has 150 bulbs to plant. Maidstone Rotarians learning

of the parish council's proposals also offered purple crocus's as their organisation purchases these bulbs to support a polio vaccination charity. The parish council gratefully

accepted this offer and plans to make a donation towards the purchase and the Rotarianswill hopefully be planting these bulbs in the verge outside St John's School and also around the Grove Green village sign.

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