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Playing field The parish council agreed to renewthe lease for 10 years, erect a 6ft fence behind the village hall and leave the two gates in-situ if the condition of the five bar gate allowed. Itwas also agreed to progress repairs to the play equipment.A reduced rental charge for the field by Savillswas also noted. Quoteswere to be sought and investigationsmade into the possibility of fi�ing signs, se�ing out the terms of use of the field. Resignation Cllr Louise Ferne had resigned due to the “abhorrent behaviour and correspondence received fromcertain individualswithin the parish”. Councillors expressed their sadness and thanks to Louise. Cleaning Streets had been cleaned but the bridge and Kemsley Street Roadmissed. Cllr Carrwas to contact the county council.

Broomfield andKingswood

County concerns KCC representative Shellina Prendergast reported that a response had been received fromKCC Highways regarding the late decision to close LenhamRoad. It stated that thiswas unavoidable and signs had been put up 10 days prior to thework starting. Cllr Prendergastwas still awaiting a response fromKCC officers regarding councillors concerns about admissions to the primary school in September 2018. Watch vacancy Therewas still no confirmed residentwilling to take on the NeighbourhoodWatch co-ordinator position. Cllr Tandy agreed to put an item on the village Facebook page and the post would be highlighted in the next Parish News. Village hall Concernwas expressed over the lack of progresswith the village hall extension for the pre-school and parish council office facility. The formation of a sub-commi�ee tomonitor progress and investigate alternative provisionwould be the subject of a future agenda item. ClosureMembers noted that Chartway Streetwould be closed fromOctober 23 for up to seven days for awater pipe connection. Information about the bus servicewas awaited.


Police update PCSOswould no longer routinely a�end parish councilmeetings, unless there had been a particular issue. Monthly crime figureswould also no longer be given out. Councillors heard this applied to all parish councils. PCSO John Boyd had been appointed for Downswood and Otham. County issues Kent Highway Services had spoken toMBC about land north of BicknorWood, following a deferral of the issue by its planning commi�ee. County councillor Gary Cooke said he lacked confidence inMBC’s support for a relief road. He explained KCC’s approvalwould be necessary to close or change roads and believed itwas unlikely to agree to the proposal to close Gore Court Road/Church Road orWhite Horse Lane. He reported £3mwas to be spentwidening Su�on Road toWillington Street. Medical centre The bus service trialwould notwarrant an extension as residents

34 Maidstone East November 2017

seemed to have beenmaking their own arrangements. Ravensdane Close The clerkwas to get registry deeds for the housewith rubbish piled outside and a le�erwould be sent to the owner. Finance Itwas reported that £607.50was spent picking up li�er in the area during July andAugust. Christmas lightsAmeeting had been held withAylesford Electrical to discuss arrangements for this year’s display. Itwas agreed to order two sets ofmulti-coloured, static lights for the pagoda. Garden contest Gardenswere judged by BruceWaldock and thewinnerswere: 1st – 20 PennineWay, 2nd – 5 GrampianWay, 3rd – 32 Horton Downs. Three extra £10 voucherswere presented for commended gardens at 20 GrampianWay, 27 Pennine Way and 19 Reinden Grove. Olympicnic Badweather and lack of flyers could have affected a�endance at the event. More help on the daywould have been beneficial.Members agreed to look at their options and if a barbecuewas needed. RemembranceA donation of £45was unanimously agreed for awreath for the warmemorial.


Allotments Itwas agreed that the annual rent per allotment plotwould be increased from£11 to £13, fromthe next renewal. Lake Cllr Dean reported that last year’s treatment of the lake appeared to have made a significant impact on algae levels.Thiswould probably need repeating for up to three years, and itwas agreed to proceed for a second year. The free offer of an aerator for the lakewas also agreed. TeersMeadow Cllr J Sams and Cllr T Sams had beenworkingwith theMid Kent Downs Partnership on a grant application for TeersMeadow. If awarded,work could start on fencing themeadow. Highways Cllr J Sams informed the meeting that Cllr T Sams hadmetwith a resident fromthe Garden of England to discuss local roads.A road sign in the same area that had been knocked down had also been reported. Fly-tippingA dead sheep in an orange bag was found on Hogbarn Lane and reported. Lenhamupdate Cllr Stanley and Cllr Cocke�, fromLenham, provided an account of LenhamParish Council’s meeting. Topics had included the removal of bicycle stands, the Neighbourhood Plan, an extension of the allotments in Ham Lane, treework round the community centre, concern over the revised layout of theA20 crossroads, access to theA20 by some of the newdevelopments, the expense of running the public toilets, and the relocation of the football pitch on the WilliamPi� field to a newsite to the east. CCTV service Itwas agreed the CCTV systemshould be serviced. Sewage Itwas agreed to repair a pump serving VHT and the doctor’s surgery.


Artificial grass Cllr Bedwell has been in contactwith the secretary of Hollingbourne Pre-School Commi�ee about artificial grass at the Cardwell Pavilion. The clerkwas asked to obtain three quotes for thework. Road sign Residents in Culpeper Close

had expressed concerns over the condition of the road name sign for their street. Cllr Garent advised the clerk to contactMBC. Fence obstructionA householder in the villagewhose house had an overhanging fence thatwas partly obstructing the walkway was to bewri�en to. Crime update The area has a newPCSO in Mike Buckfield. Village hall The future of the hallwas discussed. Itwas felt the leaseholders of the land, Enterprise Inns,were reluctant to renewthe lease,which had become a rollingmonth-to-month agreement. Itwas deemed imperative that the lease be renewed. CllrWard suggested a Section 26 notice – a legal documentwhere a tenant can enforce his rights to renewa tenancy – and seven councillors voted in favour,with one abstaining. The village hall commi�ee have nominated the facility as a community asset andwere expecting to find out inmid-October if they had been successful. Speedingmotorists Hollingbourne Hill residentswere concerned about speeding traffic. CllrArdley said hewas looking at road signs, designed by local school children, reminding road users to slow down. Fly-tipping Itemswere still being dumped along the country roads. Cllr Garten said hewould look into CCTV signs for the parish council to self-install, legally allowing themto set up their own camera systems in the areasmost regularly targeted by fly-tippers. County council Themeetingwas told of the latest updates fromKCC, including a question on Operation Stack, a diversion of footpaths by Network Rail and concerns over traffic on Hospital Road. Local Plan The council had received a response fromMBC regarding the local plan. Cllr Garten believed that even if the plan is passed, there are good reasons to defeat the plannedWindmill Lane development. Waste issues Concerns had been raised aboutwaste issues at a village property. The clerk agreed towrite to the owner while Cllr Bauerwould investigate whether thiswas an health issue. After-school club The club has stopped using the Cardwell Pavilion due to a lack of numbers. The clerkwas to ask for the club’s belongings to be removed and the return of the keys. Defibrillators The landlords of the Windmill and Sugar Loaveswere keen to have a defibrillator outside their premises. The clerkwas to followupwith the Dirty Habit to see if theywould also bewilling, and reported that the British Heart Foundation could provide funding for one defibrillator, andwould also gain statistics with regards to their success. Off-road vehicles There are three off-road motorcyclist clubs in the area, and their events can bring increased traffic to the roads and cause long tailbacks. On one occasion, an ambulance had to abort its journey. Cllr Bedwell said residents should keep diarieswith times, dates and photographic evidence as these clubs could be in breach of planning regulations. Local fete A provisional date of June 9 has beenmade for next year’s fete, but Cllr Ardley questioned if the parish council can afford to run it. He added that the villagers enjoy it and it is a great social eventwhich

Parish Councils

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