For sale at £2m: the castle’s woodlands

A HUGE swathe of woodland around Leeds Castle is up for sale for a total price of £2m. The family of a former owner of

the land, Lady Olive Baillie, are un- derstood to be behind the sale. John Clegg & Co is offering for

sale by private treaty, either as a whole or in 10 lots, 453 acreswithin a two-mile radius of the castle. The lots are priced at up to

£490,000 each, but the agentshave is- sued a guide price for all of themat £1,952,000. The woodland is hugely popular

with walkers and dog owners. Roe deer have recently been seen there, after an absence of several decades. TheAbbeyWood,whichstraddles

both Langley and Kingswood vil- lages, is also for sale. So, too, are large sections of the King’s Wood between Kingswood village and Chegworth. Downs Mail under- stands that the woodland is pro- tected and cannot be built on and public footpathswill not be affected. Heather Harris, of John Clegg & Co, toldDownsMail: “Woodland is

protected in this country, it is highly unlikely it can be built on. " She said the land would make a

“very good investment or legacy” whichwould appreciate in value. According to the estate agents:

"The property and 500 acres of grounds were bequeathed to the Leeds Castle Foundation, while the rest of the estate remained in the Baillie family,which is nowoffering thewoodlands for sale.” John Clegg of John Clegg & Co,

said: “These are woodlands with considerable charm and their loca- tion and content also means that they have commercial potential.” Within days of the sale being an-

nounced, a large “woodland for sale” sign was erected outside Kingswood. Above it is a new red andwhite sign stating “PrivateLand - Keep Out” with another directing users to the public footpath. Most people appeared to be ignoring the demand.


Referee assault: police renewing

witness appeal KENT Police officers are investi- gating a reported assault on a ref- eree during a football match at Hollingbourne. Officers received reports that a

man refereeing a match on the recreation playing fields, offGreen- way Court Road, was assaulted by a player. The referee, aman in his 50s,was

taken by ambulance to hospital. He is reported to have been

knocked unconscious during the incident and suffered injuries to his face. The incident is said to have hap-

pened at around 4.15pm on Satur- day, September 16. A 28-year-old man from Maid-

stone has since been arrested on suspicion of assault and released pending further investigation. Kent Police now want to hear

fromanyonewhowitnessed the in- cident, but has yet to speak to offi- cers. They are asked to callKent Police

on 01622 604100 quoting reference YY/026591/17. Alternativedly wit- neeses can get in touch with Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Maidstone East November 2017


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